Nov 3rd 2011

 Review by: Metal Mom

Necropolis Transparent is the 3rd studio album from Lock Up since 2002. They were originally conceived as a side project of Napalm Deaths Shane Embury, and essentially a booze fueled super band returning to raw brutality of mid 80’s proto death metal. Lock up is named after a death metal drumming technique in that the arms are stiffened to produce lightening fast blast beats. When the band first started out they had long time friend and Cradle of Filth drummer Nick Barker (later of Dimmu Borgir) and Hypocrisy vocalist/production mastermind Peter Tägtgren.

In 2010, the guys were playing more festivals and began the recording of their 3rd studio album called “Necropolis Transparent” This was recorded during the months of November and December at HVR Studios in Ipswich England, producer and engineer was Danny Biggin with the mixing done by Andy Sneap. There are also some guest musicians on this CD as well, they are Peter Tägtgren , who was the original singer, and Jeff Walker from Carcass) who does the backing vocals.

Lock Up has the dynamics of the classical thrash, death and grindcore with just a touch of a more sinister sound. The riffs on this CD are brutal and catchy. With drums being at breakneck speed, all the vocals are impressive, listen close and you can hear the other guest musicians. Bass of course is the guitar that gives it the heartbeat that makes it all flow so ominously. It was definitely worth the wait for this album from Lock Up. But after all there are some pretty major players in this band, so what else would you expect.