AUGUST 28th 2014

Review by YouFO

Release date: 7/15/2014
Released by: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Location: philthy Philly Pa

Band Members:
Mark "III" Stainthorpe
Jack Carmicheal
Chris Miller
Gary Hadden "Throat"

Genre - Extreme

Track Listing:
1. World Destruction
2. Septic Hole
3. Flock Of The Misfortunate
4. Bathed In Phlegm
5. Regurgitation Through Decapitation
6. Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome
7. Internal War And Hate

Lesch-Nyhan formed in back in 1989, and soon they started to play their style of music, which is extreme by the way. It wasn’t long before they started to play shows along with Incantation, Crucifier, Ripping Corpse. A demo was released and they were invited to show their stuff in New York to some record labels. Many things happened and didn’t happen for the band, and then 20 years later in October of 2012 Rob Vanderveer contacted the band to establish them in the music world. And after some time, in 2013 in October, a new drummer was added (Mark) and it all begins.

This is a long awaited follow up to their 1991 release (Indistinguished Remains). Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome is a digital release and is exclusive to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. These 7 songs were recorded in a live studio, with no triggers, samples or other common abused productions. Obviously leaving a more crude, organic, flesh devouring sound. I will tell you right now that it is a pretty brutal, punch you in the face kind of groove, growls, and thundering drums sound. Like it says, EXTREME, so what do you expect, but just that. If you are a fan, then this is the album for you, if you are not sure, then don’t, this is exactly what the band wanted to put out and they have done a great job of it. Killer.