NOVEMBER 21st 2014

Review by Metal Mom

Lelahel : guitars and vocals
Nihil : Bass
Slaveblaster: Drums

Genre: Death Metal
Hometown: Algiers, Algeria

Lelahell have been added to the roaster of Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, and they bring with them their first full length album. It has already been released as of Aug. 5th.

I found out they had released an EP previously, but I am not aware of it, my job today is only to review this debut album, I am not a big fan of comparing.

Lelahell comes from Algeria, and what can you expect from this band, let me tell you. 10 songs that are merciless, intense death metal. With some superb technicality, some great melodies that arise from the native aspect of their country. Listen and you will also hear some ruthlessness that crushes your soul. Vocals are what you would expect from death metal, those deep guttural, like hell coming from the depth of the earth, along with some screaming, adding to the variety. Those 10 tracks have some amazing blasting drum beats, sick guitar riffs, speed, do you get the idea, it’s a massive death metal album done well.

Track Listing:
 1. Mazaghran (Intro)
 2. Al Intissar
 3. Voices Revealed
 4. Kalimet Essir
 5. Hypnose
 6. Imzad
 7. Am I In Hell?
 8. Hillal
 9. Black Hands
10. Mizmar

Mixed/Mastered by: Ivan of Anthropocide Studio (Abominable Putridity, Aborted Fetus)
Artwork: Kaamos Illustration (Hypocrisy/Pain)

If you are a fan of Cannibal Corpse, Decapitated and more, then you need to check this out as well, it’s right along those lines.