MARCH 27th 2012
Review by YouFO

Members are:
Simón García - Vocals
Jaime Méndez ¨Yoye¨ - Guitar
Borja Suárez - Guitar
Javier Fernández ´Javi´ - Drums
Gonzalo González ¨Lalo¨ - Bass

Hometown Puerto De Vega

Genre - Death Metal


1. Masacrado
2. Para La Das Paredes Do Coliseu
3. Devoured by the Sun
4. Follow the Unleashed
5. The Glorious Dead


1. Summoning he Damned
2. Death is Coming
3. The Son of God Born Here
4. The Golden Age of
5. Crown of Belphegor
6. Martyrchrist
7. Path of Forgotten Souls
8. Rebirth of the Ancient Cult
9. Beyond the Walls of the Colosseum
10. Memories at War

This release, coming out in March includes a bonus Cd with full concert, Gorefest cover song, and video clip entitled “Masacrado”. It will be released through Chief Records, and distributed by Pathologically Explicit Recordings.

This band hails from Spain, formed in 2006, and in such a short time, have mastered the purest form of death metal. Death metal is just the extreme sub genre to heavy metal, which means it employs the heavily distorted guitars, blast beat drums, and the deep growling vocals. The set up is what you expect, 2 guitarist, bassist, drummer and vocalist, which you get from LEGACY OF BRUTALITY. Intensely fast drumming, killer bass, brutal riffs, and the guttural roars, grunts, snarls, and low growls needed to complete the band. Its pretty obvious these 5 know what they are doing. I enjoyed the pure form of Death Metal that they have created. Let me just say, you need this CD. So get it.