SEPT 4th,2011 

 Review by: Yoofoh


1. Copper Bones
2. Nightlaunch
3. The Northern Lights
4. Neptune
5. More Than You Know
6. Yellowbelly
7. Where we’re going, We don’t need Roads
8. Hide Your Eyes
9. The Architects
10. Arrows

Band Members:

Ian Dempsey - vocals
Josh Calapa - guitar
Brian ‘Fro’ Effron - guitar
Mark ‘Bo’ Bower master - bass
Chris Pock - drums

Genre - Alternative / Pop / Rock

Music appearances on MTV’s - My Super Sweet Sixteen and Laguna Beach(season 2)

Okay, down to basics here, if you want Metal, this is not for you, no where in all 10 tracks will you find even the slightest hint of it. They say that their roots are metal/hardcore, but none was to be found, too bad because it might have attracted more people to listen.

When I first listened to this CD the thing that popped into my mind was the band A.F.I. , with the vocals near the same, and such a pop sound musically, they would be a dead ringer. Don’t get me wrong, I know for a fact that there will be lots of screaming girls up front and centre when they tour, and they will probably be the first to purchase this CD. So they will have that fan base. Now if I can get out of my metal mode for just a minute and focus on the music, I can tell you that it was well put together, and the vocals fit the music perfectly. In other words if you like the alternative pop style this is a great Cd for you to pick up. For this genre it was a great 10 track CD, well mastered and worth the purchase . Just not for us Metal fans.