JANUARY 18th, 2014
Review By: Metal Mom

Genre - Melodic Death Metal
Hometown - La Prairie, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Longueuil and Chateauguay

For fans of: In Flames, The Human Abstract, The Agonist

Band Members:

William (vocals)
Alex (guitars)
Isaac (guitars)
Marc-Antoine (bass)
Emeric (drums)

About mid way through 2013 LachrymAnopsia, out of Montreal, Quebec released an EP, with the title “Released”. I for one have to say, never heard of this band before, but am glad I had the chance to review it. I am a huge fan of melodic, and putting some death into it, puts it all into perspective. In other words, a great combination, plus it’s original.

Upon listening to “Released” for the first time you will instantly hear some static, not to worry, it’s suppose to be there along with guitar and bass, then along comes the drums, but its not complete yet, wait for it..the vocals, metal of course, which can vary from the deep death metal howls to even some shrills that send shivers through your mind.

Throughout the EP you will be confronted with many sounds, some great heavy riffs, some technical, drum blast beats that can be heard rattling around your chest. But there is melody to it all. There are also some solos brought to your listening pleasure. Listen with a distinctive ear and you can also hear some synths in the backdrop. On the last song the vocals change to some articulate words. There is just so much variety to this EP, nothing boring about this one. Some songs are written in English, some in French.

Lyrically it should catch the interest of any metalhead, society, life, man, never really fixing on one main topic, but rather exploring.

Nothing better than getting an album/EP to review, and really enjoying it, give it a listen, this type of music is for all genres to savour.

Track Listing :
1. The Further I Search, The Less I Comprehend
2. A Hypoplastic Masterpiece
3. Cryptic Identity
4. 3 KM Left
5. Nailed Down, Hammered On
6. Nature's Leprosy
7. Le Naufrage