JANUARY 29th 2013

Review by Ruben Mosqueda

L.A. Guns released one of the best of albums of their career in 2012 with ‘Hollywood Forever.’ So how did they follow up such a stellar release? Well they unleash an equally as strong DVD of course. The DVD is titled ‘Live In Concert’ it’s L.A. Guns’ performance from May 12th, 2012 at Maryland’s M3 Festival. Unlike the broadcast of their set this includes all nine tracks the band performed.

You probably imagined that the set is comprised of mainly hits from the ‘self-titled’ album and the ‘Cocked & Loaded’ album. This is true, included in the performance are; “Sex Action,” “Never Enough,” “Sleazy Come, Easy Go,” “Electric Gypsy,” “The Ballad of Jayne,” and “Rip N’ Tear.” Also included are “Revolution,” from 2005’s ‘Waking The Dead,’ “You Better Not Love Me,” and “Sweet Mystery,” from the ‘Hollywood Forever’ album.

L.A. Guns provided a fiery performance and shined on the big stage. These days a band like L.A. Guns doesn’t get very many opportunities to showcase skills to several thousand people rather than a couple hundred. No matter the performance was the same—gritty, in your face and magnetic. It must be noted for those that are not aware; drummer Steve Riley and singer Phil Lewis are the sole remaining members from the band’s glory days. Joining Riley and Lewis are; bassist Scotty Griffin and guitarist Stacey Blades who recently left the band. It’s unfortunate that the band and Blades have parted ways; Blades brought stability to the band and now they must start over with someone else. Phil Lewis’ voice still has that raspy, smoke filled, whisky soaked imperfections which has given it the character and distinctiveness.

In this day and age extras are mandatory for DVD releases, Cleopatra Records included an audio disc of the live show, also video clips and the look behind the scenes of the making of the ‘Hollywood Forever’ album. ‘Live In Concert’ is essential for diehard fans but with this track listing there’s no doubt that even the most casual of fan will get a rise out of this collection.