JANUARY 31st 2019

Review/Live Photos: Char Tupper
Gallery: http://www.metaltitans.com/concertpics/kiss/

It’s time to “Rock N’ Roll All Night”, KISS has finally arrived in Vancouver, on their “One Last Kiss: Final Tour Ever”. Hard to believe these legendary rockers have decided (maybe) to retire. It will be a shame to see another classic rock band removed from the touring world, as there is no one to fill these shoes, or in KISS’ case, platform boots. They truly are a band that puts on one hell of a show, filled with pyro, fire, risers, hell, even Gene appears to float to the roof and spits out blood! No one compares to a KISS show when it comes to performance, energy, and overall look. Before I dive into this review, let us dig into the depths of the one and only, KISS.

Forming in 1973, KISS came from New York, USA. Simmons and Stanley originally had a band called “Wicked Lester”, which overtime, after Ace Frehley and Peter Criss joined, they changed the band name to the current, KISS.  A fun fact about the KISS logo, in countries such as Germany, Poland, Hungary, and Israel, the “SS” in the logo that we all know and love, due to law and/or controversy it may cause, KISS has an alternate logo for their merchandise that resembles two backwards “ZZ”. The other fun fact looking back into the KISS History, that they for a short time, back in 1983, they performed shows and recorded music videos without the makeup since at that point, they wanted to leave the makeup look behind? Which, in my opinion, I can only visualize KISS as full-face paint, costumes, the whole nine yards! That being said, in the mid-90’s the band re-united with the original members and came back with the makeup. The career of KISS is quite long and extensive, after all, it does span over 45 years, with member changes, high record sales, and everything in between like the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame.

Tonight, is the first night of their Final Tour Ever, safe to say the night was going to be great. Starting off with a large black curtain, that said “KISS” of course in giant, silver (and don’t forget glittery) letters. The room began to darken, and as the curtain dropped, you feel the heat of pyro, you hear the strum of guitars, and the cheers from the crowd grow rampantly. Thayer, Simmons, and Stanley lower from the roof on 3 individual risers. I swear every single light was on, and I’m sure the power in the city of Vancouver flickered a little, with how many lights were on to power and boost this epic event, it was pretty great. They started off their set with “Detroit Rock City”, while playing other various classic songs like “Lick It Up”, “Shout it Out Loud”, “War Machine”, most likely, the song you name, it was on the setlist. They performed for 2 hours, and the fans couldn’t have been happier. They had a great stage
presence with bursts of firework cannons, blasts of fire shooting everywhere, it was entertainment for the eyes and ears, that’s for sure. Watching Thayer during his guitar solo, and his guitar shooting firework sparks from the end, damn, that’s pretty cool! Don’t forget like I mentioned earlier, Simmons gets a solo moment as well, where he is raised up to the roof on a riser with fog flowing over, and the stage had dry ice to double the effect and had numerous screens behind him with his face on it, all looking at him, creating this cool kaleidoscope effect. KISS definitely has this whole “being a famous rock band” mastered down to the finest detail. They put on a great performance tonight, they will be missed from the rock’n roll world, you can guarantee that.