JULY 21st 2012
Review by: Metal Mom

So in other words, just a little over a week from now we will be getting some folk based blackened death metal to enjoy. As I write this review I am still listening and enjoying immensely. KING OF ASGARD, for those of you not familiar, is a band that rose from Norseman Karl Beckman (vocals/guitar) and long time fellow workman Karsten Larsson (drums) in 2008. In 2009 bassist Jonas Albrektsson joined and things became serious, and also signed a deal with Metal Blade Records.

In 2010 they released their first album “Fi'mbulvintr” and hence made a name for themselves, making a real impact on the scene. But they still were in need of another guitarist, which they found in Lars G. Tängmark. Now complete they headed out on a raiding trail to many festivals and venues during 2010/11 to show their talent.

Now brings us to 2012, and they are about to release their 2nd album, this was done at Sonic Train Studios in April, with non other than Andy LaRocque (King Diamond) at the helm. There are two quest appearances on this album as well, one by female vocalist Heléne Blad, long time friend, who adds epic inspiring vocals to “The Nine Worlds Burn”. Second appearance is by an extremely talented guitarist, Jimmy Hedlund, who does some awe-inspiring guitar solos on the song “Gap of Ginnungs”.

Line up :
Karl Beckman - guitars/vocals
Jonas Albrektsson - bass
Lars G Tängmark - guitar
Karsten Larsson - drums


1. Intro
2. The Nine Worlds Burn
3. The Dispossessed
4. Gap of Ginnungs
5. Bound to Reunite
6. Nordvegr
7. Up on the Mountain
8. Plague-ridden Rebirth
9. Harvest (The End)
10. …to North

There are 10 tracks, including an intro, which had me hooked from the start, and wanting more. I was not once disappointed in this album, its pretty obvious that it was well thought through, time was put into their music to deliver the best. An added bonus was having Heléne touch added to the one song. There is much variety to be heard, where Fi’mbulvintr left off, is where “..to North” begins, its really a breathtaking experience. Its epic, its brutal, with each and every musical instrument doing its part to carry it all to perfection. The vocals are what completes this amazing album. Back in the Viking era, there were medieval magnates, and today I will say that KING OF ASGARD is a modern day magnate. This band may not have been around for a long period, but they know the sound they want, and have made it. This is truly an accomplished , exceptional CD, so when they release this album, make sure you go out and grab yourself a copy.