JUNE 28th 2013
Review by Ruben Mosqueda

In this day and age how often does a band from 80s reform release the strongest record of their career and then follow it up with an bigger more grandiloquent effort? It’s a rarity. Add King Kobra to the list of the few bands that have been able to pull off that incredible feat.

In 2010 drummer Carmine Appice, bassist Johnny Rod, guitarists David Henzerling and Mick Sweda reformed with a new singer. This wasn’t ‘just’ any singer they recruited former Rough Cutt and Quiet Riot singer Paul Shortino—the result has been magical. The relaunched King Kobra issued their <em>self-titled</em> album and received raves reviews world-wide. King Kobra raised the bar so when it came time to write and record the follow-up they had their work cut out for them.

The newly released and appropriately titled album "II"; is a continuation of the last record left off. With huge choruses, infectious hooks, stellar melodies, monster drumming, and blazing guitar solos it’s a throwback to the glory days of 80s hard rock. The music reflects the band member’s influences that spans blues to melodic hard rock to swing to metal—you name it it’s in there. King Kobra have the formula on how to write, record and produce consistently good music—they truly have put their contemporaries that have ‘reunited’ to shame. The current King Kobra line-up bite back hard with the second effort with; the driving “Hell on Wheels,” the burly “Knock them Dead,” the fun “Have A Good Time,” “The Ballad of Johnny Rod” which tells the tale of the man who says ‘quack,’ the rocker “When the Hammer Comes Down,” the ultra-catchy power pop ballad “Got it Coming,” the bluesy soulful “Deep River,” and their nod to AOR with “We Go Round” which closes out the album has Shortino channeling Steve Perry. There isn’t a bad moment  'II". The question here is can this incarnation of the King Kobra do it a 3rd time?

"II" track listing:

01. Hell On Wheels
02. Knock 'Em Dead
03. Have A Good Time
04. The Ballad Of Johnny Rod
05. Take Me Back
06. When The Hammer Comes Down
07. Running Wild
08. The Crunch
09. Got It Comin'
10. Deep River
11. Don't Keep Me Waiting
12. We Go Round