JANUARY 28th 2013

Review by Metal Mom

Killing Joke has been around since 1979, and the band has gone through many conflicts and line up changes. Spinefarm Records is the label its released under with distribution worldwide via Universal Music Group. The album, which features ten tracks, was engineered and mixed by Clive Goddard, Tom Dalgety, Michael Rendall, and Reza Udhin, and produced by the band. The album cover was done by graphic artist and Killing Joke’s long time collaborator Mike Coles. It illustrates the profile of a skull and a machine both suspended in air, with a devastated landscape in the background.

Band Members -
Jaz Coleman -Vocals
Kevin "Geordie" Walker - Guitar
Martin "Youth" Glover - Bass
Paul Ferguson - Drums

KILLING JOKE’s “MMXII” is their 15 full-length album, released in North American in October through Spinefarm Records. The songs, 11 in total, are a dense and dark end of time album. Behemoth slabs of guitar riffs, scorching energetic bass, and impeccable timing on the drums, making the soundtracks ones of dangerous times. It’s an end-of-time album that somehow finds moments of anticipation in the descending swirl of earth. Finding hope in the apocalypse, this album just could be KILLING JOKE’s magnum opus.

Track Listing -
 1. Pole Shift
 2. Fema Camp
 3. Rapture
 4. Colony Collapse
 5. Corporate Elect
 6. In Cythera
 7. Primobile
 8. Glitch
 9. "Trance
10. On All Hallow's Eve

With a reputation of producing fire, brimstone and mark magic, these guys have long been one of  rocks most influential bands, with a little punk and metal added in for variety. These seem to have a strange voodoo essence that pulls in their fans, they are a strong diverse and very influential band. And I want to say here that I think this might just be one of their most amazing albums to date. Some thought has obviously gone into the making of this CD and it looks like they have left their hand print on it. This is everything Killing Joke is, and if you are a fan, its one to have in your collection, without a doubt.