JANUARY 16th, 2014
I would have expected to hear more people raving about Kill Devil Hill or even hear this name mentioned more often.  On one hand, I might not be sufficiently exposed to their target crowd, but on the other hand this is a new band - although you “might” be very familiar with the names of its founders, drummer Vinny Appice and bassist Rex Brown. Together with Mark Zavon and Jason Bragg they form the super-group Kill Devil Hill, and despite their past fame the band write very accessible heavy music with nuances of both old school and modern rock and metal.

2013 sees the release of their sophomore album titled “Revolution Rise”.  Firstly, now that the year is over, I can realize what an amazing year it’s been for music. This means tough competition - for most of the bands, since so many genres are well represented. But Kill Devil Hill has a special sound, I wouldn’t call it unique, but quite special. In all fairness, this is far from what an extreme metal fan would like and it caters mostly to a “softer” rock loving crowd. The truth is they are more daring than other rock bands and they brilliantly combine heavier, darker moments with mellower ones.
“Revolution Rise” is a riff-driven album with catchy melodies, in a few words it’s good rock without being overpowering. Chunky, Southern rock sounding riffs and subtle bass melodies back up the clean vocal lines. Nothing is more comforting than a capable vocalist, where the performance is not overdone. The album develops in a sort of “balanced” aggressiveness between bluesy and rock riffs that reminisce the old grunge days or even doom metal at times.  I totally love it when the heavy, intense moments contrast with the rest of the song (I didn’t expect the ending from “Leave it all Behind”). A few other songs worth rocking out to are “Crown of Thorns”, “Leave it All Behind”, “Endless Static”, “Stealing Days” and the ballad “Long Way from Home” which has a really nice melancholic feel and beautiful melody. 
Overall I find that outside the chorus parts, the songs are not as powerful song-writing wise. Not that I would expect anything intricate but it definitely stales in certain moments and even the emotional intensity seems to fade a little. Not sure if you’ll find this to be amazing album, it’s definitely good one but it might take a few listens to sink in and capture its feel. Rock fans beware, this band has to stay on your radar!