APRIL 5th 2017

Review by: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper

The Invisible Orange and BluePrintlive bring Katatonia, Caspian and the Uncured to the Venue on Wednesday April 5th.  Two of these three bands I haven’t seen before, and I do like to check out new bands.

First up, is the Progressive Metal, Death Metal, 70s-Psychadelic, Groove Metal Band Uncured. They are based out of New York and are a great opening act. From what I have heard are attracting a lot of attention. I can see why, after listening to them play, they have some pretty brutal riffs, amazing solos and wow, fantastic melody too. The band released their debut EP "Spontaneous Generation in October of last year.  And now they have just released their first full length album "Medusa". The two brothers Rex and Zak Cox founded the band in 2014, then along came Liam Manley on drums, who you can tell has had much experience on the kit. Lastly is Jon Kita who finishes off the lineup, and making it complete. I must say, I was amazed at how young they were, not often do you see such young band members, but don't let that fool you, because these boys know what they are doing and they executed it very well. I am can them being contenders in the metal realm.

Up Next is Caspian. Didn’t know what to expect, I was impressed with the music, (no vocals here), lots of guitar riffs, drums blasts, they had everyone’s attention, but sadly I soon became disinterested, why you ask. Well Caspian play almost in the dark, and once in a while lights will go off over a band member, but if you are not looking, whoops he is gone again. Sure, they had lights, flashing god awful bright lights, that when they came on, I had to look down, way too bright. They played a good set, but when I go to a concert I want to see the band play.

Last, and headliner – Katatonia. The venue filled up, what I expected for them. It is great to see them headlining. But did you notice, this was the first tour in North American with Daniel Moilanen (drummer) and lead guitarist Roger Öjersson, who also adds his vocals. They put on a great show, they played a range of their songs to everyone’s enjoyment. And I could see them. Last time I saw them was 2012, so awhile in-between. These guys know how to please a crowd, just looking around the room you could see everyone singing, headbanging, and more. So, for me, they were the highlight of this show.