AUGUST 20th 2012

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

It’s a Monday night, and what a great way to start off the week then with a metal show in town. It was rushed to get there, but we made it in time to start it all off with ROSE FUNERAL. They come from Cincinnati, Ohio and are in the process of bringing their sound to the stage of the world. They have been given the genre “deathcore”, but its not exactly what I would call it, sounded more death metal to me. This was a great band to start the night off with, and the crowd was enjoying their set, you just had to look around the room, and see the mosh pit, and horns high. There were enough drum blasts, guitar riffs, insane melodies to last their whole set, and to keep the crowd head banging.

FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE have only been around since 2007, and they are without a doubt making a name for themselves. Classical, death metal, who would think that combination would sound good, if you haven’t heard them play, I suggest you don’t wait any longer. This is one of Italy’s most brutal and symphonic bands to date, they have paid their dues, with endless touring to many places, playing with a variety of different bands, it seems everyone was looking forward to them playing tonight. The crowd filled up the floor space, and everyone was horns high when they came on stage. They truly have a unique sound, which makes them stand out from the rest of the metal bands with their technical and symphonic balance. A band that you won’t soon forget, one that when they stop playing, you are going to march over to their merch and buy their latest CD, or anything that is FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE. Their stage performance was unique, they wear tuxedos, and have the black paint, combined with their own style of metal, makes them a truly exclusive band. I never miss them when they come to town.

Next tonight we have ORIGIN, now this band is just what they say they are on their facebook page “one of the most intense and technical forces of the contemporary death metal bands” , believe me, they have nailed it. You realize it when you can’t even move on the floor from all the fans crowded onto it, moshing, horns high, singing along. This is truly a solid lineup. One that knows just how to please the crowd. Their music is what everyone came to hear, and the energy level on stage, was something you had to see to believe. ORIGIN has mastered their sound, and came prepared to destroy, nothing better than listening to a band that knows their work. Another band I don’t miss when they come to town, but one to go and see and enjoy to the fullest.

Ahhh, now this is who everyone came to see, because after one song, I could no longer stand down in front to enjoy, that’s okay, I found the perfect spot to enjoy watching, where I can see all the guys play, and not get pushed and shoved, and not consistently looking over my shoulder, which means I don’t enjoy the show. But I can say “KATAKLYSM” set the Rickshaw on fire tonight. Seriously, they had a small fire behind the drummer, who had no worries about it but kept on blasting those drum beats while they put the fire out. KATAKLYSM we all know, after all they are Canadian, and they have been cranking out their death metal tunes for 20 years now. Its unfortunate that the sound guys had issues, but at times you don’t notice, because you are so psyched to see them, you already know the words, and it’s such a metal show to be witness to. I know at one point Maurizio, told the sound guy to fix it because all these fans came to hear them play, or he would end the set and just get in with the crowd and enjoy. But in fact, I didn’t really notice, I was just so enthused to see them play again, and to listen to a fantastic set of songs. If you are a fan, you realize that some venues don’t have the best sound system, but all you care about is seeing one of your favourite bands belt out their music for everyone to enjoy. Their energy level is high as well, always moving around the stage, and never boring. I never miss KATAKLYSM, whether they play in Vancouver or Seattle, but I do need to be careful where I watch from, the fans are a wild mosh crazy bunch, who are there to put all their energy into enjoying the show. That’s how it should be, and I have never been to a Kataklysm show yet where I didn’t enjoy. Was great to witness the music and energy put out by KATAKLYSM. They never disappoint.