APRIL 22nd 2014

Review By: Metal Mom

Before I put this review to writing, this is fair warning for all you metalheads out there, if you are not willing to listen to anything but the brutal, death metal, then don’t read this review, this is something totally different. For me, I enjoy giving each a fair listen. You have been warned.

Kari Rueslåtten has released her 5th solo album, and first in eight years, “Time To Tell”  March 7 on Despotz Records. Time to Tell was recorded and produced at Øra Studio in Trondheim, Norway with Norwegian Grammy Award winning producer Jostein Ansnes. The album features guest musicians Jostein Ansnes (guitars), Rune Arnesen (drums), Trygve Brøske (piano and pump organ) and Eirik Øien (upright bass).

Kari Rueslåtten states “The composing has been done by me sitting at the piano singing. No drum-beats or co-composers this time! I wanted to go back to the core of songwriting. If the verse and chorus works just accompanied by the piano – it will work with other arrangements in studio too.”

The album was basically to quench the appetite of fans around the world, a music video was also launched for the first single “Why so Lonely” on YouTube . Some of you might remember it as one of the early masterpieces by The 3rd and the Mortal which Kari worked with Nightwish mastermind Tuomas Holopainen on the acoustic rearrangement, the result, a song that sounds fresh and original.


Kari seems to have a natural talent here, and her skill is showing itself, classical, folk, and such a unique voice, her technique shines. Beautifully sung, each of her songs, her music has been compared to others, but please don’t make that mistake, her delivery, her passion makes this album one that soars above the rest. I really can’t do her justice because I am so use to doing Cd reviews for metal/thrash/hardcore, but I can distinguish when someone has such a natural talent, a voice that is beyond describing, one that makes you sit back and take notice, and that would be Kari.  

This album helps Kari celebrate 20 years in the music industry, and this speaks volumes. Giving you, the listener the best elements of her work, past and new, and from what I hear on this album, she is back, and to stay.  

Please, open your minds, and give this a listen, go out and check Kari Rueslåtten’s “Time To Tell”.  You will be astounded.
Track Listing -
 1. Time To Tell
 2. Hide Underneath Bridges
 3. Hold On
 4. Paint The Rainbow Grey
 5. Rainy Days Ahead
 6. Why So Lonely
 7. Shoreline
 8. Waltz Across The Sky
 9. Wintersong
10. Stay Right Here
11. Only You Know