NOVEMBER 16th 2013
Review by YouFO

Band Members:
Joseph Merino: Guitar/Vocals
William Ables: Guitar/Vocals
Daniel Alvarez: Bass/Vocals
David Baxter: Percussions/Vocals

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Record Label: Beyond Thrones

Joseph Merino does all the vocals and rhythm guitars on this EP, plus lead guitars on Immortal Tyrant (second lead), and The Eye.  Daniel Alvarez does all the bass work to be heard on this as well. Jason Frankhouser (Course of Ruin) does the lead guitar on Beyond Thrones and Immortal Tyrant.

The re-amping/mixing/mastering and production was done by Greg Tomao/Škan. The Logo, EP layout courtesy of Eriko Higuchi.

The incredible artwork for “The Old King” was done by Sylvain Lucchina, hats off to you on this, outstanding work.

Recording was done at the Sapa Studio, Austin, Texas, and The Tomato Farm Studio on Long Island, New York, and the Killer Tone Studio in Dripping Springs, Texas. A lot of studios to record in, but obviously a great choice as it has produced a well rounded EP.

There will a be a limited number of physical copies of the EP, 200 (copies) in Digi-Pack form. This EP, never again to be released in CD form. It will also be available, in digital download form, for free at the BandCamp site.

Track Listing:
1. The Immortal
2. Beyond Thrones
3. The Eye

Are you deranged, well Škan places strength on primal vitality, natural power, and the unfoldment of will. This is invading music for the insane. There are only 3 songs on this EP, and right from the beginning, you know your listening to something brutal, well put together and commanding. It’s just a taste of what’s to come. Are you ready ? Considering all 4 members have some input into the vocals it distinctly gives it something different from other bands. Musically the guitar riffs are enjoyable to listen to and well timed. Drum blasts are diverse and fast. Vocals are varied of course with many to be heard. I do like the fact that when you listen you can head band to a steady beat, it doesn’t go off in another direction. Most enjoyable. I also like the fact that the guitar at some point during the songs stand out above the other instruments, forceful and demanding. All in all, this is an EP that was well put together, seems like there was some thought put into what they wanted to put out to fans. My suggestion is you grab one of the few copies and have it to listen to when you want something a little different. This was a really good EP to review. Can’t wait for a full length studio album to be released.