OCT 30th,2011


Review and Photos By: Char Tupper

This dark and crisp evening in Vancouver BC, one of UK’s legends of good old fashioned heavy metal has returned to Rogers Arena for one big “hurrah”, and that band is almighty Judas Priest. Black Label Society and Thin Lizzy were the supporting acts to open this evening. Let me go into “Rapid Fire” about how great this overall show was, and if you missed it, you truly missed out on one of 2011’s greatest shows in my opinion.

The first act was Thin Lizzy of Dublin, Ireland. Forming in 1969 with drummer Brian Downey, and vocalist/bassist Phil Lynott,(who sadly passed away in January 1986 at the young age of 36 due to heavy dependence on drugs) the guys set out to create the band, while still in school. Lynott was the frontman of the band before his passing, and was the sole composer of the music. Thin Lizzy is infamous for songs like “Whiskey in the Jar” and “Jailbreak” , which are still currently played on local rock stations today. Their performance I will say, wasn’t to my liking really, it isn’t my “cup of tea”. I will say, my opinion of music is very “fast paced” and heart pumping, Thin Lizzy didn’t do that for me however, but for the Thin Lizzy fans, Im sure they all quite enjoyed the performance, mostly playing their hit songs.

The next performance was none other than Black Label Society, with frontman Zakk Wylde, who was one of Ozzy Osbourne’s most enduring replacements of Randy Rhoads after he passed away. Zakk Wylde is most legendary for his southern rock styling’s and of course, his fist pumps and “Lord yeah Childs” here and there. Black Label Society originates from Los Angeles, California and after going through a handful of lineup changes, the lineup appears to be solid, and with a new DVD potentially in the works for 2012, BLS is “Stronger Than Death”. Their performance was extremely well executed, the solo did go on for quite a long time, which to me, is way too long (could have cut off like 2-3minutes off the end) but overall the performance was great, giving the fact that I am not a fan of Black Label Society.


Time for some “Metal Gods” to walk on stage, and hit the crowd hard. It is time for none other than, Judas Priest. Originating in Birmingham, England, and forming the band in 1969, the band hasn’t missed a beat in the righteous success of the mighty super group. After releasing “British Steel”, when Les Bink quit the band due to musical direction, the bands success grew worldwide due to faster, shorter, and more “radio-hooked” songs being played over the airwaves. Rumour has it, that this is the last ever Judas Priest tour. Well folks, keep your hopes high, their show tonight was outrageously amazing, and the crowd couldn’t get enough of how Rob Halford(vocals) could still hit those very notes, he hit over 30 years ago, and the band still had energy to give their all to the crowd. Playing songs like “Breaking the Law” and “Rapid Fire” really got everyone excited to see these metallers again, and with chances of a new Priest album coming out in the new year or so, who is to say this really is the “end” for Judas Priest? Besides, we need our “Hell Patrol” to keep our metal veins pumping all night and day !