APRIL 20th 2018

Review By: Ruben Mosqueda
Stock Photo By: Rob Fenn

John 5 has made a name for himself with his incredible guitar skills, which has made him a sought after talent and has lead to worked with the likes of; K.D. Lang, David Lee Roth, Rob Halford, Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie just to name a few. Let’s not forget that John 5 is also a showman which brings a little more entertainment value to the fans and the guy plays a Telecaster which is one of the coolest guitars out there.

It was complete madness when John 5 And The Creatures rolled into The Rose City on 4/20 to perform in the historic Paris Theater; it was once a burlesque club turned into an adult film theater before it was converted into a music venue. Fitting, no? The current Rob Zombie guitarist is currently on the road promoting his live album titled; “It's Alive” which he claims is really live. “It’s completely live. We couldn’t fix anything, not that we would have. If you listen to the record the audience isn’t very loud. That’s how it was recorded, just how you hear it,” he told Metal Titans.  John 5 has been on the road for roughly 3 months and the second to last stop was in ‘The Rose City.’ 

The Paris Theater was elbow to elbow fans by 10:15 PM; as John 5’s set time neared. The last surge of attendees had trickled in as the last of the countless local support acts were winding down their set. John 5 didn’t disappoint he and The Creatures brought all the bells and whistles to the Paris and didn’t appear to have scaled down much of their production and visuals. It’s hard to do justice to an all instrumental show; more so when the artist is genre defying. John 5 incorporates so many genres and subgenres in his music that it wouldn’t be uncommon for him to tackle metal, prog and jazz-fusion all in one tune.  Such an argument can made for the track “Here’s To The Crazy Ones” which made the set and was executed to perfection by J5 and crew. 

My personal favorites of the night were the aforementioned “This Is For The Crazy Ones,” the power twang meets jazz “Hell Haw I.G.R.,” the crunchy aggro “The Is My Rifle” of course there’s the jaw dropping medley [which featured way too many songs to list here] at the end of the show that will have you playing ‘name that tune’ in your head. One thing is for sure John 5 And The Creatures put on one of the most entertaining all instrumental shows that I have ever witnessed. Perhaps it’s because John 5 has a way of really making the guitar sing to you, albeit in a sardonic manner. And the songs? Well, they are there in spades… And how the hell does he do what he does with only two hands?