APRIL 9th 2012

Review by Metal Mom

Band Members -
Jonny Davy (vocals)
Jon “Charn” Rice (drums)
Al Glassman (guitar)
Tony Sannicandro (guitar) previously Despised Icon
Nick Schendzielos (bass) previously Cephalic Carnage

Hometown - Glendale, Arizona

Newest release from JOB FOR A COWBOY is “DEMONOCRACY” and its their 3rd full length from Metal Blade and holds 9 scathing tracks:

1. Children of Deceit
2. Nourishment Through Bloodshed
3. Imperium Wolves
4. Tongueless and Bound
5. Black Discharge
6. The Manipulation Stream
7. The Deity Misconception
8. Fearmonger
9. Tarnished Gluttony

This album was recorded at the Audio Hammer Studios in Florida, producer is Jason Suecof (Black Dahlia Murder, Whitechapel), who created the ample layered sound and gave it that evil vibe or hair raising experience. The mastering was done by Alan Douches, and the epic artwork was created by Brent Elliott.

I think what made this album such a jewel to review, was the fact I had seem them live just a couple weeks back on Metal Alliance Tour. And after enjoying their set so much, I was eager to get down to reviewing this cd. And I am not disappointed one bit. Even though there has been some changes in the line ups over the years, this one proves to be the most hostile, most livid and full of rage cd done by JOB FOR A COWBOY. Its one that you cant step away from, or even want to, because each and every song on this album is pure exciting energy. Lets just say that each song distinguishes itself from the other, its way tighter and a whole lot meaner than Ruination Part II, an added bonus here. Its what you call die hard metal through and through. The vocals I enjoyed thoroughly, ones that are distinct in your face growling bellows, fitting right in where they should be. The blistering, shredding guitars are awe inspiring, maybe an old style school guitar if you will. The drumming is something I enjoyed as well, they didn’t have to be the fastest, annoying beats, but ones that pulled the sound all together. Lets just say, that this CD “DEMONOCRACY” will grab you by the scuff of the neck and not let go from start to finish. JOB FOR A COWBOY has shown that this is a strong lineup, which has created an exciting and raw album, and one that I think everyone should have in their collection, so what are you waiting for, it comes out April 10th here in North America !!!