MAY 16th 2017

Review by: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper

On Tuesday May 16, from 8:00 to 11:59 pm at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, a pretty spectacular event occurred. Something really different from all my other concerts that I review. This one was to take me back in time.

First a little history if you don’t mind. I am sure you all know the name Jason Bonham, he is the son of legendary drummer of Led Zeppelin – John Bonham. At five, Jason could play the drums, a scaled-down version. When he was 17 he became a member of Air Race, they signed a record deal with Atlantic Records, recorded one album, and opened for big names like Queen, Meat Loaf, Ted Nugent, and AC/DC, imagine at 17 opening for these bands. In 1988, Jason took his father's spot in a televised, first-ever Led Zeppelin reunion at the Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary concert, which included Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and John Paul Jones.

Later in 1993 Jason teamed up with the greats like Paul Rodgers, Slash, David Gilmour, Jeff Beck and others to work on a Tribute album to Muddy Waters. Jason has accomplished much in his career, I could go on and on, but it would be one mighty long review. One last fact though, On December 10th, 2007, Jason played drums in the most anticipated concert of all time - the Led Zeppelin reunion at London's O2 arena with surviving members Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Robert Plant. What an honour this must have been for Jason.

Okay, now first off, I had big expectations for this show, as growing up with Led Zeppelin, I knew what to expect. Or so I thought. Opening up started with a big screen in the back that told a little of the history. Excellent way to start off the night. Then the music started, and you could not have picked a better song to start the night than with the Immigrant Song. To tell you the truth, I was a little disappointed at first, the song sounded slightly different, and this happened for a few songs. Then I stopped and realized that it couldn’t be the same, it’s NOT thee Led Zeppelin up on that stage. Once I came to terms with that, I had one heck of an evening, I could still sing along, I enjoyed the songs they chose to play. They all did an amazing job up on stage, and looked like they were enjoying it themselves.  Close your eyes, and you could almost dream it was the originals up there. Sadly, I never did get to see the original Led Zeppelin play, but I sure did listen to their albums. Jason and his crew played a huge assortment, 95% I loved, some I wasn’t sure I heard before. But who cares. After about an hour, they took a short break, then came back for their second set. This was a sold-out show, I didn’t expect that, but sure understood why when they finished, old and young were there to enjoy. Sadly, I had to move myself from the very front, because of some obnoxious drunk older guys, who just couldn’t shut up when Jason was talking, so I couldn’t hear what he was saying. But all in all, this was a magnificent performance, and I highly recommend you see it.