SEPT 4th,2011  

Review by: Chris 


1. Something And Nothing
2. Closing A Circle
3. Never Enough
4. This Moment
5. Nomad
6. One Day
7. Fan The Flames
8. There Will Be No Answer
9. The Wasteland
10. May You Fare Well

Mix and Mastered - Studio die Tonmeisterei
Label - Eisenwald Tonschmiede
Formed - 2004

Band Members:
Johannes Schmid - vocals / guitar
Albert Rohl - drums
Andre Jonas - bass

Isolation is a atmospheric rock / metal band from Germany, playing depressive black metal but later evolved towards more atmosphere-based compositions. Three demos and a split release with Austere from Australia they finally released debut album “Closing a Circle“ this year.

Its been said they have a Slayer influence. I don’t hear it, and I would call them more black metal doom and gloom atmospheric. First it was hard to find any information about this band, and most times it came up with another band with the same name out of the UK.

The first song on this album was good, somewhat thought provoking. The guitar has slow rock riffs, the drums are slow, no such thing as a fast drum blast here. Musically its pretty good, just too slow for me. And the vocals, well the spoken words can make for an interesting feature in a song, but I really thought they would pick up, to be more aggressive, harsh brutal ones, didn’t happen. The bass was strong though. I guess I was thinking a slow start to then slam into a more epic sound. It would have been fine for a couple of songs to be like this, but when the whole album had the same slow, doomy sound, I got bored. Maybe next time the vocals could just pick it up to be more brutal, or even more rock sounding. Sorry guys, musically it was put together well, although again, some fast tempos in there would capture more of a fan base I think.

And make your information more accessible for your fans, if we like the band, we want to know all about them.