JULY 30th 2012

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Peter Ruttan (Vancouver show)
Photos By: John McMurtrie (Review shots)


This day was pretty special for me, this day was the day, I get to see thee IRON MAIDEN live for the first time EVER…so you can imagine how excited I was to be going to this show. After a 3 hour drive down, waiting 30minutes in line to simply park inside the White River Amphitheatre (Seattle,WA), then we are waiting in the line up to get into the venue, it’s a long one, but once it started to move, it went pretty fast. A lot of different kinds of fans here, real devotion to the band, a lot bigger wave of T-shirts of the band playing this night then say at Death metal shows these days. You know when you are about to see one of the most successful metal bands in history, the adrenaline is pumping, and you don’t really know what to expect besides watching countless youtube videos. Consider the fact they have been doing this for 30 years now, and have given us 36 albums, 15 studio albums, 10 live records, 4 EP’s, and 7 compilations, you just know that what you are about to hear will be something to write home about (or in our case, write to MetalTitans about!)

I was a little nervous at first, word was out that their last tour here in 2010 was not a good one, so many complained about them not playing their classic hits, and more from their newer material. However, I was about to find out, and go into this thing, with an open mind. So lets get on with it.

The openers for IRON MAIDEN were Coheed and Cambria, a band out of New York, and they played a great set, but don’t think anyone really appreciated their music, they are all waiting for the legends aforementioned, to come on stage. I can’t blame them, but its also good to enjoy some other bands music too, they must have been thrilled themselves to be on the same stage as IRON MAIDEN. Great job guys.

Now, this is what we have all been waiting for…and I am getting goose bumps, and its not from the cool night air. The big screens at the side of the stage light up, music starts, and then the roar of the crowd. I am happy to say that they did play some of the older classics such as The Number of the Beast, Run to the Hills, and The Trooper, all mixed in with some other songs that also, were great to hear, like The Prisoner ,Phantom of the Opera, and countless others. I am pretty sure they played about 15 songs or more, and I can say, it just wasn’t enough, the time went by so fast. The energy of Bruce is outstanding, he can run around that whole stage, and not be breathless when he is at the mic, truthfully, I have not seen that kind of high energy ever, even with the younger bands who have played that very same stage. The whole band moves, never a dull moment. Then you have the Eddie’s , so many of them, not all at once, but one for different songs, which really added to the showcase of Iron Maiden. WOW!! What can you say when you have seen such a performance. Its no wonder they have kept the fans while also gaining new ones along the way. Of course they did an encore, with 3 songs after misleading us all with Iron Maiden, but I think we all secretly knew, it wasn’t the end.

This show has left an impression on me, there was just so much, the great collection of songs played, the stage always changing, even with the sparks, and the flames, and then so many different Eddie’s being showcased, how does any band ever compete? Its no wonder they are where they are today. Well deserved .

Question for you though, and I am wondering myself, what happens when IRON MAIDEN ever chooses to retire, who, WHO could ever step into their place ? I wondered that the whole way home, and sadly, I could not think of one. They are in a class all their own.