OCTOBER 10th 2012
Review by YouFO

Genre - Death Metal
Hometown - Zory, Poland

Band Members -
Bartlomiej Kaniewski (vocals)
Pawel Adamowicz (guitar)
Bartek Kaczorowski (guitar)
Dariusz Kaczorowski (bass)
Michal “Mik” Magiera (drums)

First a little about the creation of Last Breath. Each of the band members, with their own ideas and vision took part in putting this EP together. October 13 will be the premiere  while playing at the Live Mess Festiwal in their hometown of Zory. Being from Poland, they have some mighty big shoes to follow, like Behemoth, Vader, Decapitated, Vesania and many more. All the artwork was done by Iwona Drozda-Sibeijn, and the cover artwork is amazing.

There are 3 demo songs and an intro for this EP. Whats good about it…let me tell you, first there are some dark, growling vocals, fitting this perfectly. There are some amazing screaming wrenching guitar riffs, accomplished techniques, its has fast drums, its an all around outstanding EP. Bass of course is fitting . The intro was interesting, a bit haunting. “Sunday Hordes” first song, has what metal vocals is all about, and the music flowed heavily. “Touch of Life and Death“, excellent song, although it threw me off a bit with a couple of the drum beats that went off, especially when you are headbanging along to the song. But all in all, was a good song. Last song on the EP, is “Last Breath Before Us”, another good one.

For a first time EP from a new band, they did a great job. There is just one thing I would suggest, is the drum beat needs to be the same, not different from the guitars, or bass, it just makes for a smoother headbanging. But that is the only thing I see, other than that, this band has got what it takes to fit right into that Polish metal genre .