SEPTEMBER 8th 2014

Review by Metal Mom


Record Label:
minus HEAD Records

Richie C - Vocals
Lennon Lopez - Drums
Christopher "EL" - Bass
"Dru Tang" Rome - Lead Guitar
Kevin "Dis" McAllister- Guitar

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ - USA

HEADS UP … don’t listen to this album simply because of who the singer is (Richie “Cavalera”), because I will tell you here, this album has it’s own merits and can stand on its own feet. After a few good listens I can say that “Up in Hell” has pushed boundaries and gone beyond, in other words…it’s freakin’ fantastic.  What’s really exciting for me, because I review so many albums, is when I find a band that I haven’t had the chance to listen to, or really know their style, and my first instinct is WOW, that to me says a lot about the album, and the band. In my opinion, this is metal through and through, you don't need to look anywhere else.

This is the bands 3rd album “Up in Hell” with new bassist Christopher and new drummer Lennon, plus the original guitarist Kevin is back in the mix again. Obviously making this a whole new beginning for the band. Changes can be great, especially if it brings in the right mix of people to make it a success.

There are only 10 tracks on this album, but  “you will” listen to all of them over and over. Incite proves they have the talent, a style all their own to carry them forward in the metal world.  All metal bands you have been warned, there is a new player in town.

Track Listings:
 1. Up In Hell
 2. WTF
 3. False Flag
 4. Fallen
 5. Rightful Spot (feat. Liam Cormier of Cancer Bats)
 6. Rise to Greatness
 7. Who Am I
 8. Still Here
 9. Losing Grip
10. To the Depths

Produced/Recorded/Mixed and Mastered by: Matt Hyde (Deftones, Slayer, Hatebreed)
Assisted by: Thomas Bellier
Drum Tech: Jon Nicholson/Drum Fetish
Drums recorded at: Validus Recording, North Hollywood, CA

Be prepared to enjoy the full onslaught from gradual to imposing grooves, and all continually changing, giving it more of a kick. There are some very distinguished and amazing guitar riffs to be heard on this album. Some brutal blasting drums, bounding bass, and to top it off, pure metal style vocals of Richie, who I might add has a phenomenal range. Put this album on, and with the unforgiving aggression, you are going to want to headbang the whole way though. This really was a refreshing listen, something that gives us what all metalheads admire and want. I guess you can say there is some thrash in here, but it's not overwhelming like most. There is character to this album, if you can say that about music. I also enjoy the fact, that each and every instrument can be heard, no one overrides the other, giving it the perfect balance.

For those of you interested about the lyrics on this album, expect a full on attack about the breach of trust, and the treason within government.  Yes, a lot of bands do the same, but when you can combine that with the music behind it like Incite has done, this makes for a first class metal album.