NOVEMBER 2nd 2017

Review by Hjeron O'Sidhe
Photos by Peter Ruttan

In This Moment – Halloween extended!

Opening up the night was Avatar heavy steampunk from Europe, I missed the band personally, but heard amazing things! Ah Vancouver transit and a 7:30 show! Second up was “Of Mice and Men” - Heavy and powerful, thundering the Commodore with MetalCore!!!

Singer Aaron Pauley has lungs of sandpaper (in a good way), switching from scream to clean in an instant! One would never guess he was the bassist and backup singer replacing the old vocalist. The drummer was animated and alive the whole show. The rest of the band joined him in epic exuberance on the last song, raging hard, like I wished they had all show.

A great Metal-Core band with an amazing sound in the commodore, the mosh pit was a ragin’ Hollywood Undead entered with heavy drums and a good groove. From what I had heard, I expected to not like them. I was happily surprised, a heavy hip hop, a little Eminem with almost Rage Against the Machine, even a little old Faith No More in there.

Until……The pop - hip hop radio garbage began. Mike Patton would have shit on the stage and Zach de la Rocha would have risen up in revolution of the pop bastardization of what he created. I guess everyone needs to make a buck somehow? People seemed to like it but it seemed really inappropriate for this lineup.Sorry Radio hip hop pop doesn’t float my boat. In This Moment With darkness, smoke and two giant scarecrow demons, Halloween rose from the grave in Vancouver on Nov 2nd! In This Moment entered with a presence and professional stage show that many bands are missing these days. The amount of thought and preparation that went into their theatrics was refreshing. Maria's vocals were on point (even with a little too much reverb), and the energy was top notch. It may have been that they were missing a guitarist or a bad sound check, but the sound wasn't what I expected. I want to be washed over and feel it hit me in the chest (like “Of Mice and Men did). Not to the fault of the band, they were amazing.

In This Moment is led by Maria Brink (vocals) with Chris Howorth (guitar), Travis Johnson (bass), Randy Weitzel (guitar) and Kent Diimmel(drums). This bands visual display is like candy, reminding me of the efforts of Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper and old Nine Inch Nails! Half performance art half female fronted metal! The band really let the new songs shine, while leaving out some of their classics (possibly due to only one guitarist). “Adrenalize Me” and “Big Bad Wolf” were sorely missed, but a beautiful Dead Can Dance interlude and a Metallica medley jam helped fill the gap. I do love the new simplified southern metal groove of the new album while missing the electro super heavy Korn/Pantera/Rob Zombie metal of past albums. Amazing new songs none the less. Several times through the night Maria coaxed the audience into cheers with her spidery arms flailing wide. Once again, a Vancouver crowd not really going as wild as they could (I just remember the metal shows of the old days, where we demanded double encores and got them!) come on Vancouver, let's learn how to really rock! They returned with a great theatrical encore ending with "Whore" which had Maria standing on a pulpit, “whore” painted dunce cap worn proudly as the "Blood Girls" danced while flipping bloody written signs. With "Shame" on one side and "whore" on the other.
In This Moment were not disappointing and still could have been so much more, with better sound and a crazier crowd!

The pros- amazing performance, amazing band, epic well written songs.

The cons – not the best sound, short a guitarist, missing some key songs.

Set list of the night:
River of Fire
Lay Your Gun Down
Jam (For Whom The Bell Tolls, Creeping Death)
Black Wedding
Oh Lord