OCTOBER 28th 2013
Review by Metal Mom

Release dates:
September 27th/30th - Europe/UK
October 1st - North America

“Sister” third album for In Solitude was recorded at Studio Cobra in Sweden during the month of March this year. Production and mixing was completed by Martin “Konie” Ehrencrona. This album also has some special guests on it, like guitarist Pelle Forsberg (Watain), along with Jarboe of Swans can be heard on “Horses in the Ground”.

In Solitude has always had the fortitude to create something dark and brutal, and something stamped as their own unique flavour, but still remain a classic heavy metal. Leading us into their realm is an acoustic intro, something you don’t expect. Don’t let this fool you though, they have the strength to try new things and succeed with their own spin on it. The whole album is a great listen. They have been around since 2002 and have ever since been evolving.

I saw In Solitude 7 times last year on the Decibel Tour, and they had caught my attention, but this album takes them to a new level of talented musicians. Sisters contains a variety of substance for all of us, from the acoustic, some exclusive melody, a touch of gothic, some heavy riffing, and drumming that no matter what sound, blasts away to perfection. The vocals are also a driving force here, definitely a voice that fit’s the bill. Each and every member of  In Solitude makes this album what it is, a finely tuned skilled masterpiece. The album ends with a catatonia like state, more like a trance. Sisters is definitely a album that In Solitude took the time to create, didn’t rush, put the effort into putting together an album that was unique, and definitely something they can say they were happy to put out to the crowds. I for one, totally enjoyed each and every song, they are genuine and impressive and something distinctive about each one.

Track Listing -
1. He Comes
2. Death Knows Where
3. A Buried Sun
4. Pallid Hands
5. Lavender
6. Sister
7. Horses in the Ground
8. Inmost Nigredo

Always such a pleasure to have an album to review that is unique to the band, but also ever changing within. The only problem with this album, wasn’t long enough.