APRIL 5th 2012

Review by - Metal Mom

Yet another band that I am not familiar with, but here it goes, first I will give you just some history. If you are like me, I like to know something about the band first before giving it a listen. Makes it more interesting. Here is what I found out:

In 2002 under an Uppsala Moon in Sweden, (same town as Watain and Invidious), the spirits of age-old evil and old metal are assembled and let loose. These 4 cloaked Swedes Niklas Lindstrom (guitar), Uno Bruniusson (drums), Gottfrid Ahman (bass) and Henrik Helenius (guitar / vocals) gave birth to what is now known as “IN SOLITUDE”.

Enter 2003, a feared and forceful oracle would soon be drawn to this flame; Hornper (vocals) had arrived.

2004, IN SOLITUDE released the band’s first self-titled demo, filled with the inaugural verses and music from the new beast.

2005 guitarist/vocalist Henrik Heleius strays from the path. The silhouette of another takes form and Mattias Gustafsson is conjured to enrich the sonic spells of these children of the night.

2006 the band released the second demo Hidden Dangers.

2008, Sweden’s S.M.P. Records released the EP Hidden Dangers as a 7” which quickly sold out. Under this same cycle, the band unleashes their nameless 8 song, full-length debut in the form of a CD on Pure Steel Records and cast in wax on High Roller Records. Captured at Burlesco Studios, the same as the demos, this now famous debut was produced by Hasse Bruniusson.

With a growing following, especially in Germany and their home country of Sweden, IN SOLITUDE embarked on a handful of European tours. Touted festivals also witnessed this glorious new beast, namely Keep It True, Up the Hammers, Pounding Metal, Metal Magic and Hell’s Pleasures festivals. Amidst these heighten tiers however, another member grievingly falls.

2009 Mattias Gustafsson returned to the mist wherein he came.

2010 saw IN SOLITUDE signing a worldwide deal with Metal Blade Records. It’s also the year that Henrik Psalm, vocalist and guitarist for the heavy punkers Sonic Ritual, passes the trials by fire and thus a new fury rises within the horde.

2011 the week of November 15th, the horde entered Nicke Anderson's (HELLACOPTERS) brand new studio Gutterview Recorders in Stockholm, Sweden with producer Fred Estby (DISMEMBER, DEATH BREATH) to record the band’s sophomore record, which will see release in the spring.

Lineup now consists of -

Uno Bruniusson - Drums
Pelle Åhman - Vocals
Niklas Lindström - Guitar
Henrik Palm - Guitar
Gottfrid Åhman - Bass, 

Track Listing:

1. The World, The Flesh, The Devil
2. We Were Never Here
3. Serpents Are Rising
4. Poisoned, Blessed, and Burned
5. Demons
6. To Her Darkness
7. Dance of the Adversary
8. On Burning Paths

The more I do these CD reviews, the more I am finding bands that appeal to my taste. And IN SOLITUDE is now among that category. First I am impressed that the music for this album has been well thought out, its more a classic style delivering a unique sound. It was never boring at any point to listen to, or where I wanted to skip over to the next song. The songs themselves are well written. There seems to be a lot of different styles on this album, but they have made it work. There are lots of solos, well executed, guitar work is a fury, the drum work is heard and well maintained throughout, without getting any annoying beats. The vocals at times are angry, but then again with some chorus, like I say there is a lot of mixture to The World The Flesh The Devil, and I so enjoyed this. It even has an acoustic interlude in Dance of the Adversary, with an eerie kind of ending. Its almost an hour long, but it doesn’t seem long enough. This is a classic piece of Metal that all genres of metal fans will enjoy.

And starting on April 11th IN SOLITUDE will be joining the Decibel Magazine Tour 2012 with the likes of BEHEMOTH , WATAIN and DEVILS BLOOD. Make sure you check out the dates, and cities and catch IN SOLITUDE live.