FEBRUARY 18th 2013
Review by Metal Mom
Photos by Char Tupper

Well the name of this tour says it all… “Another Year Another Tour”, but its not just any tour, its another great one to start the year off with.

The venue is one of my favourites for Vancouver, this tour is performing at the Commodore Ballroom on Granville Street. Also a great choice for the bands in town, a variety of restaurants to choose from, stores to shop, bars, nightclubs, all around entertaining place to just walk.

First up tonight is the band ‘BATTLECROSS’, out of Detroit, Michigan. For me, I am starting my year off with some new bands to add to my listening pleasure, this is one of them. Battlecross has Kyle (vocals), Tony (guitar), Hiran (drums) Don (bass), and they call themselves, Blue Collar Thrash (which really means hard working never give up attitude) but I call them a power metal/thrash combo. A lot of good energy while they are on stage, and right from the beginning the crowd was enjoying, and the floor was filled, obviously a lot of people were here for this band. I think they have strayed from the obvious path of the so called metal/thrash, they have set out to create something savage with fast hard hitting drums, brutal riffs that are intense and very driven, with many elements to make it more extreme thrash/technical. The mosh pit started early and went their whole set. Probably in the middle of their performance, they stopped to ask, this is Vancouver right, where is all the pot….sure enough within a few seconds, up flew some joints onto the stage, and Kyle was thankful and said that they would be smoked after their set. Fantastic band to put on first, with lots energy and alot of endurance to carry their set to the end.

The next band I‘ve seen several times, “ALL SHALL PERISH”, they hail from Oakland, Calif. Their facebook page says genre “Baby Making Music”, which considering they play death/metal death grind, the baby making is a funny way to catch your attention. On tour this time is Hernan (vocals), Mike(bass), Adam (drums), Francesco (lead guitar), missing is Ben Orum, who has left the band. There was some pretty amazing guitar riffs to be heard. Whether heavy or clean, it was great guitar work. The drums were always heard, and varied, not the same old thing over and over. I didn’t think it was possible but the floor seemed to fill up even more. The crowd, moved, whether head banging, horns high or the mosh pit, everyone was doing something to show their appreciation for their music.

Now comes ‘DEMON HUNTER’, they come from Seattle, Washington, not too far away, and its their first time here.  Okay, in all fairness, I haven’t listened to them, but have heard the name before. So didn’t really know what to expect, thought maybe they would be along the same lines as the first two. In my opinion, they have incorporated black metal/thrash/speed/nu metal/metalcore and rolled it all into an aggressive style all their own. Don’t get me wrong, you would think with all that rolled together, how can it sound good, well it does, I guess they have put some work into their style and made it very much their own. I enjoyed it, it was a steady beat, one that you could enjoy and move to, and of course the crowd was moving, a few crowd surfers got into the mood. What I think surprised me the most when reading up on them before the show, was that they are a Christian band, never would have thought that, I mean they are aggressive, and all out metal with a tweak of those other genres put in. Got my attention.  

From Gothenburg, Sweden comes the headlining band tonight, you got it ‘IN FLAMES’. This is the reason, I got down to the venue early to hold my spot right up front. Last time they came through with Lamb of God they didn’t come here, they played Seattle, and no matter what I did, I could not get up front. Oh I still enjoyed, but not like being right there to thoroughly enjoy the expressions, and the energy these guys put out. I am sure I don’t need to tell you who the band consists of, but just in case, there is Anders (vocals), Björn (guitar), Daniel (drums), Peter (bass), and Niclas (guitar). This has been the lineup since 2011, and now you know the band that was probably one of the greatest influences in the new wave of metalcore. If you attended this show, then you know the most energy came when ‘In Flames’ came on stage. Daniel being the first to come on stage, had the crowd going wild right from the start. Trust me from, “Sounds of a Playground Fading” to “My Sweet Shadow” the crowd was energized, the crowd surfing was non stop, even between songs, people kept crowd surfing. I personally think that the band didn’t even have to sing, it seemed like all the people around me at least were singing their brains out along with Anders. Yes, okay, so was I. After all there is nothing better than knowing and singing, a great way to enjoy. Even with the 16 songs sung, there was nothing but ecstatic metalheads out there horns high, crowd surfing, and hanging on for dear life in front so you didn’t loose your spot while the mosher’s went crazy. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. I think what makes it still a more unique experience for a lot of people, is the fact that each of the band members look at the fans, they will point and smile, which makes the fans feel pretty darned good. At one point, Anders took a photographers camera (yes, our very own Char Tupper), and took a photo with it of the crowd.

Let me tell you, she was plenty nervous, after all that is her baby, her weapon of course. At least Anders knew what he was doing, and didn’t accidentally delete any photos. ;) And then the show started up all over again, with a never-ending supply of enthusiasm and raw energy. In Flames is a band that I will never miss when they come to town, and really, you shouldn’t either, because trust me, they give you their all, for each and every song, their full attention is given to you to enjoy. If I could have seen more than one show, you bet I would have. Please…there are still some shows left on this tour, if you can…grab a ticket and enjoy ‘ANOTHER YEAR ANOTHER TOUR’, because I say this will be deemed one of the best for 2012.

Remaining tour dates:

Feb 21 MacEwan Hall, Calgary, Alberta CANADA
Feb 22 The Odeon Events Centre, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan CANADA
Feb 23 The Garrick Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA
Feb 24 The Venue, Fargo, North Dakota USA
Feb 26 The Machine Shop, Flint Michigan USA
Feb 27 Guelph Concert Theatre, Guelph, Ontario CANADA
Feb 28 Theatre Imperial, Quebec City, Quebec CANADA
Mar 01 Casino NB, Moncton, New Brunswick CANADA
Mar 02 Cunard Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia CANADA
Mar 04 Toad’s Place, New Haven, Connecticut CANADA
Mar 05 Upstate Concert Hall, Clifton Park, New York USA
Mar 06 Crocodile Rock, Allentown, Pennsylvania USA
Mar 07 The Norva, Norfolk, Virginia USA