AUGUST 14th 2012

Review by: YouFO

IMPIETY is a Singaporean black metal band that formed back in the early 90s. They now call themselves the Barbarian Black Hordes. Let me tell you who makes up IMPIETY, there is Shyaithan (bass/vocals) also the only original member, Nizam Aziz (lead guitar) and Dizazter on drums.

There are 8 tracks to be found on this cd. And its definitely black metal. Each song seemed to fly by, the drum blasts are fast and furious, but they overpower the guitar and bass. Its fine to be fast, but it should fit in with the others, the guitar riffs were great, fast and powerful shredding, but you had to strain to hear them over the drums, and the bass, well its usually in the background anyway, but made it was almost impossible to even hear. The vocals were the brutal black metal ones you expect with this kind of music. You know, it would have all been a pretty good cd if not for the drums, next time, just tone them down so they are not so prominent. They can still be fast as lightening, just not overtaking the all over sound. I thought I would try listening to it twice, I am always told you cant just judge by one listen, but I couldn’t do it, I only enjoy when the mix is done to perfection. There has been a lot of changes over the years with this band, and maybe they don’t have their sound mastered yet. There wasn’t any one song that stuck out more than the rest. It was all breakneck speed, which can be fine, but it didn’t turn out that way for this album. The good points, well the guitar riffs that I did manage to hear, were done extremely well, and masterful, the vocals, were what I like with a black metal band. The dislikes, the drums. And the bass, well couldn’t hear it to make any comments. If you like Impiety, maybe you will enjoy this CD. But for me, sorry, it wasn’t an album that I would listen to again.