FEBRUARY 23rd 2019

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos: Char Tupper
Gallery: http://www.metaltitans.com/concertpics/imonolith/

Well it happened, the very first concert for Imonolith, and it was a killer one. Thanks to The Invisible Orange for bringing this to us Saturday, Feb 23rd.

Openers tonight are power trio TOUCH THE SUN, who are from Vancouver and specialize in rock, prog and metal. Their music was great, had a beat that you could head bang a bit, tap your fingers, or feet, just all-around enjoyment. Was really a tight set they played, proving once again that they have their performance down. I haven’t seen them for a while, so was really pleased with their set. Good way to start off my night at least, with some great music.

Next, is IMONOLITH, and they are really a new band that has come on to the music scene, February 2018, but only the band, the members are all well-known. let me introduce you to who makes up this band …

Jon Howard – Vocals
(Threat Signal, Arkaea)
Brian Waddell – Guitars
(Devin Townsend Project)
Kai Huppunen – Guitars
(Methods of Mayhem, Noise Therapy)
Byron Stroud – Bass
(Strapping Young Lad, Fear Factory)
Ryan Van Poederooyen – Drums
(Devin Townsend Project)

Impressive wouldn’t you say. It truly was an honor to witness their very first show. They don’t have an album yet, so all the songs are pretty new to the people in the crowd, but search it out and you can find one, their debut single and video which was released January 18th, they played that last “Hollow”. Fingers crossed they release their debut album in the summer of this year, and to be followed of course with touring. If this show last night was any indication of their album, it will definitely be a must have.

This lineup is pure talent at it’s best. They executed each and every one of those songs to perfection. You could tell though that everything was put into the lyrics, the compiling of the riffs, thundering bass, drum blasts that rocked you to your soul, and vocals a totally amazing choice, they have it all. Sometimes you kind of think to yourself, WOW, this truly is a band that gives 150%, that can catch your attention from the get-go and hold on to you til the end, leaving you almost with your mouth open in awe. Another bonus for me, I was able to stand right up front and get the full energy radiating from Imonolith. I know after a few shows, this won’t happen, there will be horns flying, and some moshing going on, which happened on the last song.  I don’t mind as that is how people enjoy. At least for me, and at my age,  I got to stand and take it all in.

Without a doubt, the guys here took their time, brought together the best of who they are, it was phenomenal to watch and listen, see each of them doing what they do best.

Calgary and Edmonton are up next, so grab your friends, go support Imonolith, they deserve it with the talent they have, plus they come out after the show to chat. Excellent. Bands (some), just don’t do that anymore. But for most of us, this just adds the pièce de résistance, giving us those extra memories to take home and remember the band.

Congrats to everyone in Imonolith(band and crew) on successfully getting your first show under your belts.

Tour Dates:
March 1 Dickens Pub, Calgary, Alberta
March 2 Starlite Rom (Temple), Edmonton, Alberta

We Never Forget
Becoming The Enemy
The Mourning
The Reign

And trust me, this just wasn’t enough, we all wanted more.