MAY 21st 2014

Review By: YouFO

Band Members:
Nathan Gray - Vocals
Jay Sin - Guitar
Simon Gray - Guitar
Gregg Kautz - Guitar
Matt Balog - Bass
Crumbs - Drums

Never heard of this band before, so I will attempt to review without any previous knowledge. Just straight on their ability to put out an album on their own merits.

This album has been released by Century Media Records in March, the following is their track list for Thy Will:

2.Our Father
3.March of Black Earth
4.Year Zero In The Temple Of Fire
5.Destruction Anthems
6.Thy Will I (Black Sun Alpha)
7.Thy Will II (Black Sun Omega)
8.Blasphemy Incarnate
9.As We Break
11.Seven Wolves And The Daughters Of Apocalypse
13.Hinnom I (Alter Of Fire And Earth)
14.Hinnom II (This Is The Second Death)
Okay, some of you might hate me for this, but after a few listens, I really couldn’t get my head into it, it was really very similar, no unique sounding tracks, or riffs, or even drum blasts here. The vocals being the same throughout, just didn’t distinguish it from any other hardcore band out there. We all have different tastes in what we like, and I try hard to be optimistic about my reviews, especially when I know the band puts everything into it. But for me at least, it just was just too much of the same, and I like some variety to what I am listening to. But for those of you who like the hardcore stuff, then you might appreciate this one more than I.  Go give it a listen, you decide.