APRIL 29th 2013

Review by Metal Mom

Band Members:
Peter Tägtgren: vocals/guitar
Mikael Hedlund: bass
Horgh: drums
Touring Musician -
Tomas “Elof” Olofsson: guitar

Record Label: Nuclear Blast
Release Dates
Mar.22 Europe
Mar.25 UK
Apr.02 North America

A little history first - It all began back in 1991 when Peter sent the first demo to some record companies. Nuclear Blast realized and didn’t hesitate when they saw the huge potential  and offered them a contract. From the 1st album “Penetralia” (1992) til the “Final Chapter“, Hypocrisy became the most well known death metal band in the underground. In 1997 Hypocrisy gained a bigger audience with people who were not into Death Metal, who began listening to the band, also marking their break into USA, playing Milwaukee Metalfest. Hence becoming the next metal sensation from Europe. “Into the Abyss” reached a large crossover fan base. One of the secrets of their accomplishments is undoubtedly Peter Tägtgren, who is talented in just about every aspect of the music business, plus being an amazing songwriter as well. “Catch22” is an album you wouldn’t expect from Hypocrisy, but the result…a shinning example of talent. 2004 “The Arrival” was released, with some dark keyboard elements. At this time Horgh (Immortal) took over the drum kit. Andreas Holma also became 2nd guitarist but was soon replaced with Klas Ideberg (Darkane). Next “Virus”, much faster due to the impact of Horgh’s drumming. In 2009 saw the release of “A Taste Of Extreme Divinity”, followed by a live documentation “Hell Over Sofia - 20 Years of Chaos and Confusion” in 2011. Which now brings us up to date, and now in 2013 the long awaited “End of Disclosure” is released. What can we expect after 4 long years.

Let’s start with Peters statement: “This time I wanted to go back to basic, felt like we lost it for the last couple of albums , it's straight to the point, it's more Hypocrisy than ever, the fast, the heavy, the epic..Enjoy!!”
Track Listing:

1. End of Disclosure
2. Tales of Thy Spineless
3. The Eye
4. United We Fall
5. 44 Double Zero
6. Hell is Where I Stay
7. Soldier of Fortune
8. When Death Calls
9. The Return

The album was produced by Peter in his Abyss Studio in Sweden. The artwork was done by Wes Benscoter (Slayer/Kreator/Nile/Vader/Bloodbath). This is Hypocrisy..make no mistake, the lyrics may have changed some, but everything else is a full on masterpiece. From the opening track “End of Disclosure” to the end “The Return”, Peter has nailed it, and yet giving just a little more. The lyrics here are just not all about the aliens, don’t get me wrong here, I enjoyed this concept immensely. This time around a bit of a change, it’s more about conspiracy. I hate to say this, but listening to this album, I was so enjoying the music aspect of it, I didn’t even listen to the words to begin with. Its melodic death metal at it’s best, adding some thrash and speed, almost a Slayer sound, I said almost. There are some deadly punches crucifying your ear drums, some powerful melodies, double bass that attacks, guitar riffs that explode through your soul. Peters vocals, well you can’t compare them with anyone else’s, they stand out, they are exclusively his, dark and guttural, and that’s what makes this album sound so great.   For me, there were a couple of songs, well, they didn’t seem on the same track as the rest, maybe more of a filler, but every time I listen, I enjoy more and more, I am just saying that they were not the norm for Hypocrisy. There are some well crafted songs on here that I continuously listen to over and over and LOUD, as I now learn the words to sing along to.

I have always enjoyed Hypocrisy, but this album “End of Disclosure” I enjoyed even more, since to me they stepped it up a notch, creating something just a little more different and unique compared to their usual classic way of giving us their best. I am going to say…this is their best to date, I say they have outdone themselves, from the very beginning to the end, definitely a superior album for them.

I have favourites on this album:  Tales of Thy Spineless, The Eye, 44 Double Zero, When Death Calls, but I find that the more I listen, the more I add to my favourites. I am not skipping any, but I do repeat a lot of them. If you are a HYPOCRISY fan, this is definitely the album for you. But if you could only buy one album out of their list of many … then I suggest this be the one, or if the aliens came to take you away, offer them this, and they will leave in peace. I highly recommend this album - HYPOCRISY - “END OF DISCLOSURE”