APRIL 2nd 2013

Review by Anka

Hyperial wanted to continue making death metal and they went for it in full force. A bit of keyboard added for atmosphere, a bit of rough breakdowns and there it was: the crushing, alluring ‘Industry’ EP. Hyperial is not your regular Polish death metal band, they have a differently crafted sound - although some influences of the Polish metal scene are clearly felt throughout this release. They started out in 2006 and a few years later released their debut full-length “Sceptical Vision”. The new 6-song EP comes after a few lineup changes and some much needed regrouping.

With an interesting approach to death metal, sporadically on the industrial side, the band creates a heavy, blasting, riff-centered sound. At times there’s modern death metal with blackened accents, at times it just sounds like old-school death metal.  Precise riffs pour into the songs at a fast pace and a few breakdowns emphasize the heavy ‘load’. The keyboards, although atmospheric, manage to accentuate the heaviness by contrast, but at the same time they instill an eerie feel into the whole concept. The keyboard is actually an element I really liked in here, it’s not just an atmosphere generator, but it gives the songs an industrial resonance, occasionally even sounding more like black metal.  Take for example the 5th track off this EP called MMXII-MMXXX (read that in Latin if you please), which is in fact a short keyboard intermezzo, and boasts with dark, cinematic sounds.

The album starts off intensely and manages to capture attention quickly: there are some technical elements to notice, the drums are pounding like clockwork and keep up nicely. The downside is that it continues in the same tone (literally) without major harmonic variations, and at this point it could lose listeners. Some will like it for the atmospheric part, some might abandon this in favor of something where they can find the very same feel or even a stronger one, which has more to offer on the song-writing side.
This EP is an admirable effort altogether, it’s an ambitious step, it’s heavy enough to blast your brains, even though in the long run it won’t make you want to play it too many times. Most likely this will appeal to death metal and industrial fans that will get the chance to hear some ‘different kind’ of Polish metal. I guess this is the part where we’re all waiting for the next album, hopefully one longer than a 20 minute EP.