JANUARY 14th 2012

Review By: Metal Mom

Our World / Torn Down EP

Recorded, mixed and mastered July 2011 @ D-Studio by Jarno Hänninen.

Cover art by Jussi Salolainen


1. Deconstruction
2. The Wait
3. A Heart

HUMAN SCULPTURE is a new band out of Järvenpää, Finland, and I do mean new, Human Sculpture was formed during 2010 by Jussi (guitar), Jaakko (drums), Ville (vocals) and Samu (bass), and started intensive training in August. Mikko (guitar) joined the group in the spring of 2011. Soon after that the band gathered at the infamous D-Studio, to record their first promotional mini-album "Our World / Torn Down" .

I was really hesitant to review a new bands EP. Especially when they haven’t been around for very long, and who had issued an EP so soon after creating themselves. I thought, too fast, not enough time to really find their sound, get to know each other to create the perfect CD. Boy, was I wrong, and I admit it . This 15:49 minute EP is a traditional death metal mixed in with some melodic death. Its brutal and intense, something I would have expected from a band that has been around for years and with the experience, not from a band that has just started out. This was really a pleasure to review, and I haven’t stopped listening. The drums are clear and explosive with crushing power. The bass is deep and if you cranked it up on the dvd player, you can feel it vibrate in your chest. Nice breakdowns can be heard through all 3 songs, with solid riffs, sharp hooks. The vocals on these 3 songs fit perfectly with the screams and growls, all complimenting each other. I was really impressed with HUMAN SCULPTURE’s first release. I didn’t expect to like this at all, so it was a great surprise to enjoy something that had it all, and done so well. I cant wait for a full length album from these guys, it will be so bad ass. You need to pick up this EP and see for yourself. No mistaking the talent here. The only disappointment with this EP, there were only 3 songs, I needed more. Pure outstanding talent.