MARCH 10th 2012

Review by YouFO

There are 5 band members, Daniele Tofani (vocals), Marco “Becko” Calanca (bass), Marco Mantovani (guitar), Luigi Magliocca (guitar), and Ivan Panella on drums.

Their new Cd “Trust No One” has 12 tracks:

1. Never Trust the Hazel Eyed
2. Sidney Shown
3. Unleash Hell
4. Life after me, Life after you
5. The Blue
6. Bill’s got a pair of queens
7. This song plays suicide
8. Air raid siren
9. Firework (Kate Perry cover)
10. The same old fears
11. Icarus
12. Keep your hands off (feat. Nekso)

Record Label - Standby Records

Genre - Post Hardcore/Screamo and a bit of everything else mixed in

I was handed this CD to review, and I gave it a couple of listens, but couldn’t do any more after that. Yeah, there were some parts I liked, but not enough that I would have gone out to buy it. I guess for me, I couldn’t get over the fact that there were too many vocal styles, its like they couldn’t make up their minds, there was some hardcore screams, normal vocals, mellow ones, and then added to the mix was some deep growls. At different times, I swore Marilyn Manson, or Trivium could be heard. Putting all that together, just doesn’t sound accomplished. There was also too many breakdowns, like they didn’t know what to do…so, lets put in a breakdown. It lost momentum with the every changing vocals, and musically changing all the time. I think that Hope Dies Last is trying too hard to find a niche, where they will be popular with the majority of fans, but they really need to establish their own sound. A couple of different vocals used would be great, they just need to remember, there are so many bands out there sounding the same, they need to go above and beyond.