AUGUST 14th 2012

Review by: Metal Mom 

Review time once again, and exciting, another melodic thrash band I have not heard before. So I am about to review the 2nd album from HeXeN called “Being and Nothingness”.

Release Date - OUT NOW

Label - Pulverised Records

I was never a thrash fan, but the more I listen to it, the more I enjoy, or maybe its just the CD’s I get to review are done so well, and HeXeN’s newest is no exception. I am not a big fan of putting bands into genres, I judge it on their sound, if its well put together, and makes me want to listen to it over and over. They have accomplished just that, its not super fast where I cant nod my head to it, or tap my fingers on the table or steering wheel. This California band starts off with befitting instrumental piece. Kind of a lull before the storm. Then they hit with the true thrash style of aggression, fast tempos, and overall great metal.

Band Members:

Andre Hartoonian - vocals/bass
Ronny Dorian - rhythm/lead guitar
Tak Arayan - rhythm/lead guitar
Giovanni Loyola - drums


The artwork is a hand painted cover by celebrated extreme metal illustrator Kristian Wahlin/Necrolord (Kind Diamond, Dissection, Emperor, etc). Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Vivid Tone Recording Studio (Lividity, Guthrie Govan, etc) by producer Rich Bruce here are the 9 tracks to be found on this album:


1. Macrocosm (instrumental)
2. Grave New World
3. Defcon Rising
4. Private Hell
5. Walk as Many, Stand as One
6. Stream of Unconsciousness
7. Indefinite Archetype
8. The Nescient
9. Nocturne

For me, I thoroughly enjoyed all 9 tracks, they don’t really sound like every other thrash band out there, they have eluded that by creating their own sound, a more extensive album. You know, of course they have the classic complex guitar shredding, the drums that give it the aggressive, relentless driving beats, the bass can be heard if only so slightly. The vocals are what you expect to hear from a thrash band, the harsh brutal ones, they are heard throughout the album. The last song on this album is a 15 minute one, but I did enjoy it, thought it would be too long, but it was executed well, and so was the whole album. I think that HeXeN, has taken a step in the right direction, one that will make them stand out from the rest, and this Cd proves just that. This album is chalk full of creativity along with some technical ambition. I highly recommend this one for all you thrashers out there, and even if you are not, give this a listen because it will surely change your mind of the thrash genre.