MARCH 27th 2012

We here, at MetalTitans got an offer to do a written interview Martin and Alkolust, part of Norway’s own, HELLISH OUTCAST. We had done a CD review of theirs not long ago, so we most certainly couldn’t pass on a chance to do this with Hellish Outcast. This band is known for controversy in Norway, and recently changed their vocalist, but all this said, nothing can compare to these heavy hitters when it comes to their musical stylings. However, don’t take my word for it, check out this fantastic written interview with Hellish Outcast.

Welcome to MetalTitans. Guardians of Metal entertainment, worldwide. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us. 

1.The band was formed back in 2001 out of Bergen Norway, how did it come about that HELLISH OUTCAST was formed ?

Martin: Well, I was in a band with some other guys, but we didn`t have a drummer at that time, until our vocalist got to know Mads Lilletvedt. So he called him up for an audition, and short after that he was in the band. We also wanted a bass player, so Mads called up his best friend at that time and asked for his younger brother, “Max Morbid”, who played bass. He came for an audition and that was it!

We initially started out by playing Metallica and Pantera covers and so on, but we soon realized that our vocalist didn’t have the vocal range that we were looking for, so we had to fire him. Same with the other guitarist in the band, he didn’t come to rehearsals and he didn’t fit in on the social level that Mads, Max and I had established. So we fired him as well. Next we spent years of jamming together and trying hard to write the best songs we could. We call this stage in our band history as our “school”. After many auditions for vocalists that sucked, I sang for a while. But a year or something after that we found our first vocalist in Sjalg Otto Unnison Hansen. This was in 2008. And finally, we felt like a band! But in 2010 we replaced him with the almighty Thebon from Keep Of Kalessin!

2. You have a new album “Your God will Bleed” which is being released April 1st  this year, are you excited about this one, as its your first full CD ?  

Martin: Excited indeed!!

After endless of hours spent in the practice room, we finally had 10 songs that we were very satisfied with. We had previously released an EP, but this album is far better in terms of songwriting and structure, it is also getting very good reviews which is very satisfying!

We have all released albums with other bands, but to me, this is way more personal since we have struggled hard together to accomplish this brutal monster of an album, and to get where we are today!

3. You had an EP that came out previously, “Raping-Killing-Murder” which launched an attack on warfare, politics and religion, did you pick these types of lyrics, because its how you feel towards these topics?

Alkolust: Definitely. It comes so natural to use this music as an outlet for aggression. And if you look at Norwegian metal music and its lyrical concepts I would say fantasy, norse mythology and national romantic topics is typical. We strongly felt like breaking with this trend, being raised with Sepultura, Slayer and the “…And Justice For All” era as background music. The Black Metal heritage is there as well – but I always felt it was a bit pubertal to write lyrics about breaking with Gods marriage to mankind to become my own Satan and sacrifice virgins while listening to the ancient winds blowing from the mighty mountains of mother North…wearing spikes…UGH! …if you catch my drift…

4.  With your new CD “Your God Will Bleed” the direction of the CD is more about aggression, passion and frustration, what made this the choice this time around?

Alkolust: After writing lyrics to the entire EP, which was all about war and anti-religion, I felt drained from the childish hate that can only live strong and grow in a sixteen year old kids head. We felt like taking it more into reality, writing songs about real topics – rather than using it only for inspiration to write more extreme lyrics. The world as I see it today is already as extreme as it gets! You just have to open your eyes and see. After bringing Sjalg Otto to the band it was also natural to ask him to write lyrics – and he contributed with the passionate, frustrated and bizarre love scenes that you will find in some of the songs on this album. It certainly gave the album more depth and personality, as I tend to write lyrics about what’s going on “out there” – he brought it right down to what is sometimes going on “inside here” [pointing to head].

5.  Who wrote the lyrics for your newest release ? Is it a group effort, or one person?

Martin: Sjalg Otto (our former singer) wrote six of the songs on the album, Mads wrote three and max wrote one. But 90% of the music was written by Mads and me. It’s not a group effort but we all have our own ideas in terms of rhythm of the vocals and sometimes melody. But if someone write something completely stupid, we all will say no..I think..hehe

6.  What studio did you use to record, mix and produce this album? 

Martin: We recorded the drums in Conclave&Earshots studios in Bergen with Bjoernar Nilsen, the guitars, bass and vocals was recorded in our own studio “Hellish Studios” in Alvoen, Bergen. It was mixed at Bjoernars studio!

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7.  I would like to ask who did the artwork ?

Martin: The cover artwork was done by Fred Prytz! He did an awesome job on that one! But when you open up the booklet you will find more fantastic designs by Kirsty Crawford.

8.  Is there a favourite song on this album for you, and why that one ?

Martin: Hmmm..tough one. It has to be a song called “Genocide”. It’s just very brutal end epic at the same time. And when Mads comes in with the double bass drums it feels like a train that comes over you in 300mph!!

Alkolust: My definite favourite is “Hubris”, originally written by Max Morbid. Martin and me contributed to the final result with the middle part – but I think Max’s songwriting, both lyrically and the intense groove on the opening riff is so strong and forces you to bang your head! I had some struggles with where to put it on the album, but we ended up by closing the motherfucker with this song…and it just leaves you with a feeling that you’ve been beaten up, chewed and spit out and well served…

9.  When you go on tour to support “Your God Will Bleed” where do you hope to take Hellish Outcast?

Alkolust: We will definitely focus on the UK, as we are already building the band from there. Our label, Transcend Records is placed in the UK, some of our best friends is from the UK and we were fortunate enough to be invited to Bloodstock Open Air last year – without any releases to back it up. Other than that I would love to tour Asia! The market is really opening up for extreme music there, and what an exotic tour it would be! And when time is right we would love to cross the Atlantic to crush some American skulls!!!

10.  HELLISH OUTCAST delivers explicit, aggressive and hellish thrash/death metal, designed to leave you bruised and begging for more, do you think this will offend some people, your video is quite graphic, do you care what people think, or are you doing exactly what the band wants, to express your own thoughts ? 

Martin: Well if it offends people, and I’m sure it will, then we have done a good job, right? But we really don`t care what people will say. First of all, we make music basically to please ourselves, and if someone doesn’t like it, they don’t like it, pretty simple. We will focus on the people who like our music and constantly work on getting new fans.

Alkolust: I have to agree with Martin…I would love to offend people with this music. We’ve put so much time, money and sweat into making a record we love. And which will stand out as our first effort to educate the narrow minded people who thinks metal and beer is the only escape from reality…fuck that! Hellish Outcast gives you the reality unfiltered! Face the world, and if you don’t like what you see – do something about it!

11. Your singer is now Thebon (Keep of Kalessin), do you find it hard to get together to do shows, or record when he works with another band that tours extensively?

Martin: It is always some logistics to be done when we have a show to do, and he has toured a lot with KOK, but until now there has not been a big problem with that yet. The best solution would have been that everybody in the band lived in same city, but that is not the case. But we`ll deal with the problems when they come, not sit and think about what might cause some troubles, if, when, where, how…

12.  Is there anything you would like to say, that I might have missed asking, that you want fans/future fans to know about HELLISH OUTCAST ? 

Alkolust: HELLISH OUTCAST is best served loud, slightly tempered and with a drop of school. Not shaken, not stirred, just straight from the bottle!

TAKK, for taking the time to do this interview with us here at Metaltitans.