AUG 18th,2011

Review by: Metal Mom   

I had just learned of HELLISH OUTCAST last time I saw Keep of Kalessin played in our town, and was chatting with Thebon. Who by the way is the singer for HELLISH OUTCAST, he joined the band in 2010. I am sure that finding new bands to listen to often comes from conversations with band members, so when I saw that the whole album was streaming, I thought I should check it out. I suggest you make a point of learning and hearing more about them.

Band members consist of - Thebon/vocals (Keep of Kalessin), Alkolust/drums (Byfrost), Max Morbid/bass (Breed) and Martin Legreid/guitar (66 Crusher).

First I would like to announce that they have signed to UK label Transcend Music. Congrats guys. This beast of a CD will be released later this year. Believe me when I say that any Metal / Thrash fan out there is going to want this brutal 10 track CD handy to play.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect from this band, especially with the thrash attached, but if all thrash sounded this good, I would like more bands. This album is filled with brutal strength, aggressive sound, its really very unique and extremely well put together. This is really a superior CD and whats really astonishing, is, its only their first full length. Such an accomplishment. You will not find a filler song on this CD at all, each and every one is filled with incredible guitar riffs, drums blasts that are maniacal explosions, and the vocals are showing that Thebon was a great addition, who leads his varied vocal range with hellfire thought-out, its never the same , always changing making for a very bad-ass CD. You are listening to a diabolic underworld sound, one that you know they just didn’t blow out anything to get their name heard, they knew they wanted to take you to explore the world from their view, its not a pretty site, but they have done an exemplary job. Hold on “You Will Scream” as this is “Ten Times Stronger” than anything you have heard, you will not soon “Forget”.

So when this CD is released, make sure you pick up a copy because this band is Transcendent, in other words, going beyond limits, exceeding, surpassing anything in the death/thrash genre.