FEBRUARY 9th 2013

Review by Metal Mom

HELLBASTARD band members:
Josh "Buda" Harris (Drums)
Tom McCombe (Guitar)
Paul O'Shea (Bass)
Scruff (Vocals/Guitar)

In case you are not familiar with HELLBASTARD, they are a thrash metal metal/crust punk band that formed in 1984/5 in the United Kingdom. They are considered to be a hugely influential band in the crust punk genre. Whats crust punk you ask, well I couldn’t tell you, I have to look it up…. Well it says “crust punk (often just called crust) is a form of music influenced by hardcore/anarcho-punk, and extreme metal. It evolved in the mid 80’s (England). The term “crust” was coined by HELLBASTARD in 1986. Hellbastard "officially" split in 1992, and now only contains one original member.  But the band has re-established itself and are back, and have recently released a 5 song EP called “Sons of Bitches”.

1. Arcadia
2. Sons of Bitches
3. System Whore
4. We Had Evidence
5. Throw the Petrol Bomb

Hardcore and Metal riffs is what crust punk is derived from. The tempos are fast, and the first couple of songs have a Slayer influence to be heard. That was the first thing I picked up on, and that’s because there was some thrash thrown in for good measure. Vocals are kind of shrieking and shouted at you, maybe a little too in your face. My favourite was “We had Evidence”, a little more laid back, and with the music flowing better, it catches my attention more than the other songs. But “Throw the Petrol Bomb“, I am not sure what this song is all about, the style really, it doesn’t fit the other 4 songs at all, when I first heard it, it struck me as something that would be in a cartoon, like Family Guy or something along those lines. They have a following that I am sure would appreciate these songs, I did enjoy the 4 songs, just not the last one. But sometimes its just different to throw in something unique and see what happens.

I can see where they get their unique sense of style from when you read their band page, and it says under Band Interests - Not agreeing with the MAN. So they say “Support the underdog & hail the mighty riff”. And I say…support the bands you enjoy.