MARCH 14th 2017

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper

Blueprintlive and Modified Ghost brought this show to the venue Tuesday night. If you like Metal/Thrash, then you will remember this night for a while.

First up is a local metal band called AGGRESSION, they started the night off well with some great songs, ones people could head bang to, mosh to, and get in the mood for what is to come. Maybe not many people there yet, but they put 100% into their set. Great job.

Next, THROWN INTO EXILE, these guys nailed it. Pure and true metal, they did an exemplary job of their set, I was drawn to their performance, and never looked away once, I didn’t want to miss anything. It was that good. They played a variety of songs, all of which were performed to perfection. The floor was filling up for them. Their style is their own, and it showed. In fact, I will say right now, Thrown into Exile stole the show in my eyes. May not have said it enough, but just incase, they put on a great show that I could have watched them alone for the rest of the night. Superb job you guys, come back soon.

EXMORTUS hit the stage next with their form of thrash and death metal. One thing that catches my eye is how on earth do they head bang with their guitars and not get their hair stuck in it. The guitar shredding sticks out the most, I think that is what everyone was watching. The songs they played had the crowds going, not so much moshing, but horns high and head banging, just enjoying. For the first time, ever, the opening band on the tour was called back for another song, I think that pretty much says it all about Exmortus.

Next is WARBRINGER, our first true thrash metal band of the night. I have seen these guys a lot of times, and their performances are always a full-frontal attack. Lucky enough it was at the Venue, and I had my safe spot. Yes, because the moshers, went crazy as hell, knocking people down, (at least they were picked up), but it was pretty violent in there. And it was encouraged by John, I get it, but I guess I think with all the violence in the world, do we really need more. Yes, it is good to get it out, but not when you slam into people who want no part of it, or knock into people trying to get away. Other than that, they did put on an excellent show. Played a lot of songs, including a new one, and the crowd loved these guys.

Headliner is HAVOK, now this was a band I have never seen before, so I always enjoy, and hope that I will enjoy watching their set. I did, but for them, I moved to the back of the venue, where the sound is so much better. Sorry, can’t tell you which songs they played because I don’t know them, but let me tell you, you could not move on that floor, it was full. Now if you don’t know Havok at all, they are listed as Thrash, but you can hear some influences of heavy metal, classic rock, punk and obviously, some death metal. Put all that together in their style, and you have the perfect band to end the night off with. I couldn’t stay for the whole show, so home I headed. But I know the fans there tonight, were enjoying every second of Havok, I did, they did an amazing job, great lighting too.