FEBRUARY 27th 2013

Review By: Metal Mom

Massacre Records has recently unleashed the debut album from thrashers HATRIOT, commemorating the comeback of original vocalist for Bay Area legends Exodus, Testament and others, Steve “Zetro” Souza! I have your attention now don’t I !!
The release dates for “Heroes of Origin” were Jan.25 in Europe, and  Feb.12 for North America. Its pumped up with old school Bay Area thrash metal in the best Testament/Exodus/Forbidden tradition. The album’s ten songs were produced by Juan Urteaga at Trident Studios (Testament, Heathen, Exodus, Skinlab). The cover art and booklet was designed by Mark Devito (Motörhead, Laaz Rockit, Ruffians, Exodus). All in all looking like it should be an all out thrash album.
Steve Souza has fronted many a band, such as Exodus, Legacy (Testament), Dublin Death Patrol, Tenet, AC/DZ and more. And now has stepped into the realm of HATRIOT, taking you back in time to the 80’s, when it was all about fast, furious, and yet still melodic thrash. Souza has a vocal style that few possess, a brutal assault, yet delivering in a way where fans can fully understand the lyrics, a trademark that made him a leading singer in the thrash metal world. Steve also brings HATRIOT to life with his two sons, Cody Souza (bass), Nick (drummer) who can hammer out those drum blasts, along with guitar wizard Kosta “V” and second guitarist Miguel Esparza, who gives us some amazingly furious riffs,  and all these guys are set on destroying anything in their wake.

It comes down to old school metal with a formula that’s been proven to work, and this album hits you like a two ton truck. Oh sure, there are some similar sounding riffs/beats to Exodus/Testament, but its put together so well with the sound of Hatriot, you wont be complaining. After all that’s said and done, and you have finished listening to this album, all 10 songs, you are hooked, and you are going to want to go back and do it all over again. Do I have a favourite track, sorry too hard to pick, each has something that I enjoyed about it. So go out, get your hands on this one if you are a thrasher, and don’t be alarmed if your ears bleed, just means its got everything it needs to make for an exemplary album.

Heroes Of Origin Track Listing:
 1. Suicide Run
 2. Weapons of Class Destruction
 3. Murder American Style
 4. Blood Stained Wings
 5. The Violent Time Of My Dark Passenger
 6. Globicidal
 7. And Your Children To Be Damned
 8. The Mechanics Of Annihilation
 9. Shadows Of The Buried
10. Heroes Of Origin