APRIL 10th 2013

Review by Metal Mom

Band Members:
ATF SINNER - vocals/lead guitar
DESTROYER - lead guitar
MORTIFER(R.I.P.) - bass
HEXEN - drums

Hometown - Warsaw, Poland

Genre - Extreme Metal

Solarflesh is the 8th studio album from Polish death metal leviathans HATE. It follows the highly acclaimed 2010 “Erebos”. It was released Jan. 2013 by their new label Napalm Records, and in Poland it will be available through Mystic Production.

Recorded at Sound Division Studio, in Warsaw during the months of June and July 2012, and worked with Filip “Heinrich” Hałucha and Arek “Malta” Malczewski (Behemoth’s soundguy), you know with these guys behind the console you can’t go wrong. Mixing and mastering was done by the legendary Wiesławski Brothers at Hertz Studio, Białystok, August 2012. The tracks "Watchful Eye of Doom", "Venom" and "Fall of All Icons" were mixed by Kris Wawrzak at Efektura Studio, Warsaw".  ATF Sinner had also worked with Michal Staczkun (who also worked on Erebos) adding a multidimensional sound.  Also a few of the songs are with singer Androniki Skoula, known for her involvement in Chaostar, as well as collaborations with Septic Flesh and Rotting Christ. Androniki added a “hellenic” touch to make them more intricate. The artwork and layout was done by Daniel Rusilowicz, Hi Res Studio, and painted elements on the cover art are by Bartholomev Kin.

Solarflesh Tracklist:
01. Watchful Eye Of Doom
02. Eternal Might
03. Alchemy Of Blood
04. Timeless Kingdom
05. Festival Of Slaves
06. Sadness Will Last Forever
07. Solarflesh
08. Endless Purity
09. Mesmerized

Limited Edition Bonus tracks:
10. Hatehammer
11. Venom
12. Fall Of All Icons

HATE is one of many favourite bands for me, and I wasn’t sure if I could be critical reviewing their newest CD. So got myself in a mood to find fault with it. I listened many times to try and say something negative, couldn’t do it. This album was extremely thought out, well put together, and sounds insane. I really love reviewing an album that no matter if I was reviewing or just listening for pleasure, I couldn’t stop listening to it. I like the fact that there were different elements to this album, a far cry from their previous, Erebos. There are 9 songs/12 on the limited bonus edition, and 60 plus minutes of pure darkness and evil. It caught my attention right away with the ritualistic chanting, but don’t be fooled, this is full blown brutality at its finest. Also to be heard on this CD are some tribal and ethnic expressions. These are not all the way through each and every song, but every so often, giving it just a little more in-depth variety. The drum blasts by Hexen are executed to their max, and damned fast. They also flow with the guitars, with some great guitar solos here too by ATF Sinner and Destroyer. Lets not forget the bass, Mortifer, slamming those thundering riffs to compliment the whole album. The vocals, well ATF Sinner is very distinctive in those, harsh guttural ones, exemplary, completing this CD to its fullest ability.  What you might find is that you are transfixed through the album, kind of trance like, but try not to, because you will end up missing the new territory that HATE is exploring here. I am not going to explore each and every song, that’s for you to examine and see for yourself. This album is not like their previous one, they have gone on to explore different uncompromising material. They have put themselves now into a place that will be hard to top, this CD is the pinnacle so far for HATE’s career.

This album is haunting, brutal, all consuming, phenomenal, well as you can tell, I found nothing to criticize on this album, okay, I better at least have one thing to say….it took a long time to come out. And that’s it, the only thing I could possibly come up with. And even that is pushing it, because the wait for HATE’s newest CD “Solarflesh” a Gospel of Radiant Divinity” was so worth the wait.

You don’t have this in your collection ? What are you waiting for, you need to have this one if you enjoy some extreme metal with some added bonuses. Now the wait begins for when they tour to support this album. Cant wait to hear them play some of these songs live.

Side note from CD Review: We would like to send out our condolences to Mortifer's bandmates, wife, family and friends who were effected by his passing on April 5/6th, 2013 while on tour with Hypocrisy in Europe. Our deepest wishes go out to them during this time of grieving. R.I.P. to a mighty musician, friend, son, and husband, Slawek "Mortifer" Archangielskij. If you would like to donate to Mortifer's family to help with funeral costs, please click the image below for details: