JUNE 10th,2011

Review by: Metal Mom

HATESKOR, is a fairly new formed band from Madrid, Spain, they established themselves in 2010 by Alex Skorza (ex Muro). From the beginning drummer Raulicio mastered the rhythm section, it was natural after sharing years of rehearsals with the versatile bassist Carlos Resina, that they would also be among HateskoR. Ismael Filtho an accomplished keyboardist joined the band, who had also played in bands such as Amset, Silverfist, Cuatro Gatos, Burning Kingdom to name a few. Now that the band was almost complete they could concentrate on composing songs for the first demo for HateskoR. Along the way they met McLeod, lead singer of Egraine, a Viking/Folk band, who became the lead singer for HateskoR. As they composed for their first CD, they also did some shows.

In April they started to record their 1st album at 18 Local Studios under Alex Skorzas’s direction, then it was mixed in Finland at Tainted Studios by Jarkko Mattheiszen and finally mastered by James F. Murphy (Death/Testament/Obituary) at Safehouse Productions.

HateskoR’s first album clearly defines their melodic/death finnish style. They have a pacing rhythm , with guitar riffs are clear and well defined. The drums, are not exceedingly fast, but fit into the tempo nicely, pulling it all together. The vocals are harsh, but not so harsh and brutal that you cant understand what’s said. The keyboards I liked a lot with this album, they seemed to add a different dimension to the songs. I think that HateskoR should be very proud of their first accomplishment. Because it has all come together so well with much head banging ability to it, you can tell that time was taken to do it right the first time, that they were not in a rush to get it out. Nice job guys.

And as I type this, they are preparing for some concerts, and continuing to compose for a 2nd album in the near future. But better yet for HATESKOR, they now have been signed to a record label, which is Noisehead Records in Austria, Congratulations. Well done, on both your first cd and being signed. Looking forward to more from you.