MARCH 20th 2013

Welcome to MetalTitans. Guardians of Metal entertainment, worldwide. We are here with Dahaaka and Ayvaal from HATECROWNED, a black/death metal band that was brought to life in the winter of 2011 in Tripoli-Lebanon.

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

1.  What made you choose the name HATECROWNED ?

Dahaaka: The name was inspired by Ayvaal, and it's a direct representation of our vision...

Ayvaal: We didn’t want to be committed to any idea or a certain theme, we chose a name that is inspiring our own views and philosophy and does not limit us to any idea.

2.  How did Ayvaal and Dahaaka form the band back in 2011 ?

Ayvaal: I always thought of starting a black metal band, and to share my thoughts with someone who can translate it into music, I have formed many bands but all of them did not have a good potential, once I met Dahaaka, I found in him a great musician and person, we discussed many issues and we shared music and stuffs, I was pretty sure that this will lead somewhere and there came the band.

Dahaaka: It seemed to me that we can create something interesting, and we started covering for some metal bands, we have similar and different ideas, we both respect that and that’s whats keeping it going for many years.

3.  A lot of the artists you like are black metal, is that the reason you choose to sing Black Metal as well ?

Dahaaka: First of all black metal speaks for itself, we find ourselves oriented in this way, yes we have a good metal culture and some of the bands are at the base of our musical taste

Ayvaal: we found this genre completing whats missing inside of us and our biggest inspirations are Mayhem, Behemoth, Marduk, Belphegor, Satyricon, Anaal Nathrakh...

4.  Is being in a band something you have always dreamed of doing ?

Dahaaka: Being one of the founding members takes a great part of my time, its seems for me that this collective interest and this energy put into this kickass music is by itself my biggest motivation

Ayvaal: Yes, absolutely, this is my first and last dream

5.  Being from Lebanon, is it easy to be a black metal band ?
Dahaaka: Not easy at all, people find it hard to accept metal music in general, the government is not so's middle east you know...

Ayvaal: It is hard to find members, labels, recording studios that know what they should do, it is hard to find what the band really needs, and if all these things are available, the media and the government will never spare you

6.  How did each of the members come to be in the band ?
Vocals - Ayman "Ayvaal"
Lead Guitar - Fawzi "Dahaaka" Agha
Rhythm Guitar - Fawwaz "Rage" Tabbaa ,
Bass Guitar - George "Trotgoh" Najem ,
Drums - Mahmoud "Warlord" Masri

Dahaaka: Me and Ayvaal and my fiancee Nephtys formed the band altogether, we were referred to a competent drummer Warlord, one day we called an old friend Rage, we saw his potential and we asked him to join us and he couldn’t agree more, and finally I called Trotgoh because I felt that he fit his place as a good bassist in the band and able to understand and appreciate black metal

7.  Do you play local shows yet ? How is it for metal shows in Lebanon ?

Ayvaal: We performed in three shows, the first one was in a city next to ours, the sound was shit, but still we took the best review from Lebmetal, the last two gigs were in a city called Jbeil, in a pub called The Box, in the second one we also took a great review because we stole the attention and the madness of the masses.

8.  Who creates your songs, writes the lyrics ?

Dahaaka: Ayvaal writes mostly the lyrics, and I mostly write all the guitars, Warlord and Ayvaal write the drums and Nephtys provides us with the keyboards and the background effects

9.  Do you have a theme when writing your songs, is it about something you feel the need to sing about ?

Ayvaal: Each song has its own theme, and we absolutely write and create what we feel and what we need to talk about, music is not only a way of expression, it is the most precious message

Dahaaka: Not to mention that sometimes the whole piece of music comes as a reverie.

10.  Do you have any albums out yet ? Or are you working on one ?

Dahaaka: We are now in the middle of our first recording...we will release an EP album of 4 hell on earth tracks as a start...

Ayvaal: This is going to be titled as ILLicit theRapist

11. What kind of bands do you listen to when you are not working on Hatecrowned ?

Ayvaal: Sometimes I listen to Zakk Wylde, Johnny Cash, some technical death metal, I actually listen to everything under the name of Metal, but I’m not a fan of the new shit called metalcore and new wave of shit, but as I said, black metal is my first and last inspiration

Dahaaka: I tend to stay open to new bands, to new sub genres, I evaluate, I criticize, And I already mentioned the bands that inspire us

12. What are your plans for the band now ?

Ayvaal: We are going to release our EP album once it is done, and we are willing to send it to many production companies, we are willing to go in a tour, I am working on that, to be interviewed and reviewed more and more, and the most importantly to release our first full length album, we will start on it soon, I guess it will contain 6 original pieces and 1 cover

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with us at Metaltitans. We wish you much success with your band.