MARCH 11th 2013

We, at MetalTitans, got an exclusive opportunity to do a written interview with founding member, Guitarist and Vocalist, ATF Sinner of the heavy hitter from Poland, HATE. This interview reflects on numerous aspects of the band, but more or less highlights the band's newest record, "Solarflesh" that recently released on US/Canadian shores. Check out the interview below for details:

Welcome to Metaltitans, Guardians of Metal entertainment worldwide. We are here with ATF SINNER of HATE, thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

1. For those of us not aware of the process of creating an album, can you tell us a bit about how its done, the steps in which you go to get to the final product ?

ATF SINNER: This time we didn’t want to follow a routine, we wanted to refresh our sound, re-new the formula. So we decided on Sound Division Studio in Warsaw, which does not have a big portfolio but has a great potential. We were working with Filip “Heinrich” Hałucha and partly with Arek “Malta” Malczewski, who both approached the production with many fresh ideas. We spent well over a month at Sound Division and then continued with Wieslawski brothers at Hertz Studio for mixing and mastering of the music. We were looking for a really raw and organic sound. The album seems to be under-produced, but that’s the way we wanted it to be. There are too many ideal productions nowadays that sound really artificial and empty. After a few listens you don’t find anything special in them anymore. “Solarflesh” is different. You can hear how many elements are there hidden in the music and all those small imperfections too. Compared to our previous records, “Solarflesh” sounds very organic and raw. It has dark and “dense” atmosphere with lots of samples and additional vocals in the background. It is also our most diverse album up to date.

2. Solarflesh is your newest album to be released in 2013, its your 8th album. Tell us how you came to pick the name “Solarflesh”.

ATF SINNER: It’s a kind of mystical name. It means “body made of light”. It suggests that all life comes from the process that is started by Sunlight. “Radiant divinity” is the Sun – the source of energy which started the development of life. But as with all natural elements, sunlight can be creative and destructive as well. This energy always goes in two directions. It’s the same with life which always has the element of decay or death. It’s a timeless cycle. According to many traditions, death is a beginning of life which ends with death and so on. We use a symbol of shining Omega that represents this cosmic energy - this burning essence that exists in every living creature and every matter.

3. Why do you call this album the most insane and haunting , and what makes it pure darkness ?

ATF SINNER: First of all, it is inspired by Dark Aspect of Nature – something universal which doesn’t belong to any religion or philosophy exclusively. It is represented in almost every tradition and philosophy. It’s not a concept album in strict sense but it has some main motives that appear in most songs that relate to “the evil” part of nature. Working on this material was like a road out of hell for us. It took a lot of effort because each of us was definitely going through some crisis. When you are out touring for nearly 200 days a year, you sacrifice a lot in your private life. There are always victims in such situation; there must be. It was a hard time for each of us. Such circumstances must have an influence what you create. Also being on tour for a long time changes a lot in your head. At one point you find it hard to communicate with others, so you shut yourself inside and don’t talk to anybody. You only concentrate on the work and its meaning and it lasts for months. In such an atmosphere (and spirit) we were working on the songs for “Solarflesh. It took us only 5 months to compose and record the material, so it was very intensive. The album reflects the state of our minds. The songs hold a rather negative and apocalyptic message. Most of them are about enslavement, suffering and suicide. There is no suggestion that man is god, or god-equal or anything like that. Quite the contrary – man is nothing but enslaved scum; enslaved in every meaning of this word. Nobody is really free in their decisions. You are slaves to the system you grow up in, religion, false convictions, other people who think for you, make decisions for you, etc. In today’s world, we like to think that we are free and we have full control over our lives. It’s nothing but illusion.

4. On this album, you have also chosen to use some guest artists, tell us who they are and why you decided to add them to your album ?

ATF SINNER: For the first time in our history, we’ve had guests on a record. One of them is a Greek vocalist Androniki Skoula (Chaostar) who did excellent job in two songs adding some “hellenic” atmosphere to them. Androniki is a long-time friend of mine. We were about to work together on some songs for “Erebos” album back in 2010, but we were recording under too big time pressure to make it possible. This time she got a demo with my songs quite early, so she was able to get to know the material well and work on it effectively. I wanted her to add some “hellenic” atmosphere to it. We used some lyrics from Greek classics such as Sofokles and Ayschylos and found a proper context for them matching my lyrics. One of the main inspirations for “Solarflesh” is ancient traditions (mostly Sumer’s) and the way they described the dark aspect of nature. That’s the reason we decided to add some oriental sounds to the music and build up some “tribal” atmosphere. We also invited a guitarist Mateusz Szemraj who played an Arabic lute in the title track and did one guitar solo. We also did a few experimental dark-ambient tracks that sound like hypnotic mantras. I think it’s a perfect ending for the album.

5. Who wrote the lyrics for this album ? And where did the inspiration come from ?

ATF SINNER: I wrote all the lyrics but one – Endless Purity, which was written by Destroyer. As I mentioned, the lyrics reflect on our own way of perceiving reality, the humans and the dark side of it all. The other main inspiration for the album is ancient traditions (mostly Sumer’s and Babylonian’s) and the way they described the dark aspect of nature. I think much of it still relates perfectly to our civilization and its dark sides. Many ideas that appeared in those ancient cultures were used later in alchemy and the whole esoteric tradition that still exists in many religions of today.

6. When you are working on the album, do you also do the guitar riffs, create the drum blasts, or does Destroyer come up with his own riffs, Hexen his own drum blasts, and Mortifer his thundering bass riffs ?

ATF SINNER: You may say it was a collective work in extended team of musicians. On the samples and background structures I was working with Michał Staczkun, with whom we did “Erebos” back in 2010. On the main riffs I was working mainly with Hexen (drums). We were looking for the best arrangements for my ideas and Destroyer (guitar) was taking part in it sometimes because he lives in London now, so it was hard for him to take part in the whole process. He brought his own composition to the game and we arranged it together. It’s titled “Endless Purity”. There was also Androniki Skoula, Mateusz Szemraj and some other people involved in the making of this record.

7. There are 12 tracks on the album, did you have more than the 12 songs done, and then you had to pick which ones to put on this album, and if so, how did you finalize the final 12 tracks, what made them stand out ?

ATF SINNER: There were 12 tracks composed for this album in all, so we didn’t have to make selection. We were going through a few versions of each of them, but finally we decided to use them all.

8. After 8 albums, is it hard to create new songs, new riffs, or do you use life’s experiences to help create something new ?

ATF SINNER: I believe experience is everything, but it is also a very intuitive process. It is like an addiction and the one that you won’t give up because you feel so good with it. I only take short breaks sometimes, but generally I work on some music almost every day and I’m never tired of it.

9.  Do you have a favourite song on the album ?  Why this one ?

ATF SINNER: It’s hard to pick one song. For me this album is just one complete work, I see it as a whole. When it comes to playing live, I think "Sadness will last forever" is my favorite because it has a kind of hypnotic beat that puts u almost in trance. The title is actually the last of Vincent van Gogh after he apparently shot himself in the chest. He died a few hours later. This song is dedicated to all those who have ever thought of leaving this world violently, making "the forever decision" driven by the ever existing dark aspect of life. With this track we want to say - we salute you! It’s a kind of manifest. We understand those who feel that life is an unbearable cage.

 10. When you were putting this album together at the studios, was it hard, since I know a few of your members are in different areas now ?

ATF SINNER: It wasn’t that hard in that aspect. Everybody in the band had their parts to play and I was responsible for the whole production. We usually do it like that and it works well each time.

11. The cover artwork was done by Daniel Rusiłowicz, a graphic designer/occultist, and you collaborated on the cover, tell me why you used a female instead of a male to commit suicide ?

ATF SINNER: We wanted to create an image of a witch – in Pagan beliefs “a holy woman”, equivalent of shaman in other cultures. It shows an ultimate dedication to a god – a ritual suicide. She is stabbing herself below the ribs on her left side. Her right hand is showing the “saviour gesture”. Above her head you can see the sun eclipse. The picture is symbolical and meaningful. It holds a lot more symbols than you can notice at first sight. Also the whole layout is carefully designed with all symbols having their magical meanings. Even colors are there for a reason.

12. You are also on a new label now - Napalm Records, how did this deal come about, whats important to you when choosing a new label ?

ATF SINNER: When our contract with Listenable expired, we decided to part ways with the label. At that moment Napalm approached us. There were also some other labels interested in working with us, but Napalm’s offer seemed to be the most serious. I think it’s a great opportunity for us to make progress , because Listenable had rather poor distribution outside Europe. Now, we are on a bigger label and we push the machine forward more effectively.

13. For you while doing “Solarflesh” what was the most important thing you wanted to see done or put out to your fans ?

ATF SINNER:  Our main goal was to explore our new ideas to the full. We wanted to record a serious and dark album with a possible wide musical perspective. We wanted to make it as diverse as possible without compromising its extremity. Musically, the album is a continuation of our artistic path , but we have added some new elements to the music to widen our perspective and to make our style more elaborate.

14. I know you have been doing a short documentary film and that you are about 70% done now, I think it’s a fantastic idea, can you tell us what we can expect on this film and why you decided to do the documentary ?

ATF SINNER: We wanted to sum up certain period in our career, look back for a while, show the process of actual recording of the album. It’s in the form of a special interview covering the new album, touring, ideology, symbols etc. We wanted to reveal more this time talking about our career, past, future, interpretation of the lyrics, overall message etc.

Thank you so much ATF Sinner for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview for METALTITANS, we truly appreciate the opportunity. And of course we wish you much success with your new album Solarflesh, we cant wait to hear it. And we hope that a tour for North America is in the works. We definitely wont miss that.

ATF SINNER: Great thanks Rita! We absolutely look forward to invade North America again!