JUNE 25th 2011

Review: Metal Mom
 Photos By: Char Tupper

In the year 2011, the day the 25th, the month is June and Vancouver won’t know what hit them as these death metal bands roll into town.

First to hit the Rickshaw stage is a local band called ABRIOSIS and this band, WOW, they were so amazing. Its just too bad they were first because most people usually miss the supporting locals. I can say that they missed a fantastic set. Keep your eyes open and check them out at another show. Second local band is GALGAMEX , a whole lot of energy on stage with these guys. Both were great supporting bands.

ABYSMAL DAWN from California is the first of the touring bands to appear and start the devastation, and it continued all through the night. This was their first Vancouver show, they were to play with Kataklysm in March but there were border issues. Thankfully, and with much cheering they all made it to play a tight, clear head banging set. The crowd definitely started to crowd the floor at this point, you could tell the crowd was extremely happy to have them crank out their evil strain of death metal.

Up next was VITAL REMAINS who once again lost some members at the border, just like Summer Slaughter 2010. Determination prevailed and singer and bassist was secured and they went on to play what seemed like a short set. Before you knew it - it was over. The crowd was ecstatic to have them here though, to be able to listen to them as

ORIGIN, one of the most intense and technical forces of the contemporary death metal world hit the stage next. And the crowds were ready for them. There is nothing like a high energy death metal band to get everyone moving, and the mosh pits were absolutely crazy for them, and I have proof in a monster bruise that I acquired. I usually am off in the safe zone watching, but tonight, there was no such thing as a safe zone. They played an amazing and brutal set for the crowd and the crowd was just as brutal .

Now the headlining band takes the stage, and you know that this is the band that the crowd was waiting for ….. HATE ETERNAL. I didn’t know what to expect as this was my first experience seeing this band from Florida. I wish I could have been up front and center but don’t think I would have survived it. But there was no way to reach the front anyway, the crowd was jammed in solid and they were eagerly waiting for what they knew was coming. An hour + of extreme guitar hooks that would so amaze you from Erik, and he kept it up their whole set, a lot of talent in those 2 hands. JJ complimented those riffs with his bass, and lets not forget Jade on those blasting drums. This trio surpassed my expectations by a long shot, and the crowds were thrilled to get just what they wanted.

There was not one person after this show who couldn’t stop talking about each and every band on this tour. This is one line up that should not be missed. Each and every band played an extreme set. They were the most bone crushing, head banging, ear ringing bands to hit the Rickshaw.

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