Feb 16th, 2011

Review by - Metalmom

HATE by definition means to dislike intensely, loathe, despise or detest. Well for this band and their musicianship, I do not feel any of those things, infact, I feel nothing but appreciation for HATE.

I was introduced to this band last year when they came through Vancouver on tour with Hypocrisy. I had heard a little about them, but was completely taken aback by what I saw and heard. So I jumped at the chance to do a review of their newest CD, Erebos.

First though a little history on the band. HATE started with the sound of just death metal in 1990. Then from 1992 to 1995 they released several demos, and in 1996 they released their first full album,Daemon Qui Fecit Terram” . From their first breakthrough in the bands career to the release of their latest Erebos ,HATE has become a band that is not to be reckoned with. They always take a step forward in perfecting their sound. This Polish band is making a name for themselves including performing at some big name European festivals and going on tour with some big name bands. And with each stop they make, they are leaving an impression and gathering some very dedicated fans along the way.

As for their latest release, Erebos, first I would like to introduce you to the 4 musicians who make up HATE. ATF Sinner (vocals/guitar), also the only original remaining member, Destroyer on guitar, Hexen on drums and Mortifer on the bass. And let me say these 4 members combine to make a 48 minute CD full of uncompromising, brutal, diverse, and creative sounds.

HATE entered the Hertz Studios and their newest accomplishment was completed in just 5 weeks. Don’t let the quickness of finishing this Cd fool you, it promises to be their most powerful so far. This album was released in Europe in November 2010, and the United States had to wait until January 2011, but there is a bonus to the wait, USA got the extended version containing a few additional live tracks. You bet it was worth the wait. 

HATE seems to know what they are doing, I found a lot of different sounds on Erebos. For example, the first track“Genesis” has no vocals, and its done with an acoustic guitar. Not what you would expect but fits in well on this CD. The second track, Lux Aetena” has an amazing solo. The drum blasts for Erebos is brutal. I also really enjoyed the talking on their seventh song “Transsubstance”. This album is so varied, the guitar/bass pull the songs together in a brutal fashion. The drumming is ferocious and fast. The vocals are what put the finishing touches to this well produced accomplishment. Each and every song has something different in it, its not a CD that sounds the same the whole way through, which makes this an amazing album. I don’t want to give everything away about Erebos because I personally think you need to have this in your collection to listen to.

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