AUG 16th,2011
Review by: Metal Mom


So are you thinking that the carnival is back in town? With a name like Carnival , it takes you back to when you were young and going to the circus, which by all definitions is “A circus is commonly a travelling company of performers that may include acrobats, clowns, trained animals, trapeze acts, musicians, tightrope walkers, jugglers, and other stunt-oriented artists. Let me set you straight though, the only similar thing about a circus and HACKNEYED, is the travelling part, and the musicians aspect. That’s it.

HACKNEYED consists of 4 guys, 1 girl, let me introduce you to them, there is Phil (vocals), Tim (drums), Devin (guitar), Juan (guitar), and Tini on bass. These 5 musicians when first signed to Nuclear Blast gave them the distinction of being the youngest death metal band worldwide, which an average age of 16. They have also played such shows as Summer Breeze, Death Fest, Rock Harz, Summer Nights, Metalcamp, Wacken and more. Playing along side such names as Morbid Angel, Kataklysm, Keep of Kalessin, Aborted, Nile, Krisiun, Grave and Ulcerate. Pretty impressive don’t you think. And the next step for HACKNEYED, is to take over by storm.

This Cd “Carnival Cadavre” has 11 tracks, and will be released on Aug. 22 in Europe, and Aug. 30 in North America. The producer on this CD is Corni Bartels at Weltraum Studios, and the artwork was done by (Killustsrations) Bjorn Goosses .

This band from Germany has created 11 tracks full of technical sound, with some groove and brutality mixed in , cant forget the aggressive drumming either, all in all , each and every instrument compliments the other, and bring in the vocals which dominate with much success. They have done a bang up job of creating this CD, and you can tell that they have committed their lives to death metal since 2006.

Don’t let the name fool you “Carnival”, this is far from it, but if you are a death metal fan, you are going to be picking this up for your enjoyment.. Go for it, take a chance , by bedazzled by the youngest Death Metallers from Germany.