SEPTEMBER 17th 2012

Review by: Metal Mom

GYPSYHAWK was formed back in 2008, and today consists of 4 guys that are ready to party with style. So its time to fire up the BBQ, bring your friends over, have a supply a ice cold beer, then crank up the new GYPSYHAWK “Revelry & Resilience, and you are bound to have a party everyone will remember.

This is their 2nd full length album, and the first with Metal Blade Records. Nice to have a label that will lets you do your own thing, to let your creative juices flow as you intend them to. The artwork for the album was done by Arik Roper.  Andrew Packer (guitar), Eric Harris (bass/vocals), Ian “P.P. Rider” Brown (drums) and Erik “Ron Houser” Kluiber (guitar) have gone and created a really unique blend of rock n roll / metal style album. 11 tracks that have you listening to each and every song, not even skipping one song, make no mistake, there is no such thing as filler on this album.  This is a full fledged rock CD. Its on the edge, its upbeat, with plenty of grooves and leads. It has plenty of energy which means its official you must do some headbanging to these songs. From beginning to end, you will hear some solid drums, blistering riffs, some thundering of the bass, and vocals that just seem to balance it all out.

Tracks -
 1. Overload
 2. The Fields
 3. Hedgeking
 4. Frostwyrm
 5. Galaxy Rise
 6. 1345
 7. Night Song From the Desert
 8. The Red Wedding
 9. Silver Queen
10. State Lines
11. Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo

Having done what they wanted on this album, makes it one that’s unique and one I think will pull in lots of different types of fans. I can imagine a venue filled with the old rockers, punks, the Metalheads, and each and every one would be enjoying GYPSYHAWKS sound, their style incorporates rock with a fresh twist which brings in the fans, basically a modern wave of classic heavy rock/metal. Its one of those CD’s that you will put on and play over and over, and loud, after all it’s the only way to enjoy this album. I highly recommend this one.