NOVEMBER 13th 2017

Review by: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper

Just a heads-up people, you are not going to like my review of the bands tonight. I apologize if you don't, but this is my opinion, and I was asked to give it.

Sweet, had the day off, so lots of time to drive down to Vancouver, park, and stand in line. Line, well sure wasn't very big, not like I would expect for the almighty Gwar. Got in nice and quick without any issues, meaning I could get up to the front rail, it's okay, I had not the best of clothes on because I knew what to expect. Anyway, let’s get on with the review.

First up is U.S. Bastards, a band that is out of Virginia, and all about Rock and Roll. Never heard of them previous to this show, but figured being Rock and Roll, it would be right up my alley. It was Rock and Roll, but it was like it was on speed, talk about fast. I may have enjoyed their set more if they had slowed it done, to a true rock and roll sound. They did a good job up there, they had the fans, crazy ass ones, moshing to the speed. So, the crowd was enjoying.

Next is He Is Legend, sorry, who. I am finding bands coming to town lately that I have no idea who they are. Well seems they are Rock too. They have played alongside some impressive bands, so that has to say a lot for the band. I am still trying to figure out if I liked them or not. Once again though, they had more people fill the floor, and truthfully, they put on a great set, and everyone around me was enjoying themselves. That says it all.

Okay Ghoul, well they are like a baby wannabe Gwar. I am told they are almost like a comedian act of Gwar, they have potato sacks on their heads, they spray the liquid, they have others come out on stage like Gwar. I think I might have enjoyed them more if they were on a different tour, as I was there really to see Gwar again, so I had, a tendency to compare the two. Not a good thing. They had amazing lighting, great sound, and a ton of energy. So, they too did a good job. Just would prefer to see them without Gwar on the same bill.

Okay, here we go, the wait is over and Gwar comes on stage. This is what I have been waiting for, haven't seen them since November 2014. The first time they played here without Oderus, which was a heart wrenching show. It still is. I was there in support of Bäl Säc, as this is the last tour that he will be able to do for a year, and maybe possibly ever. He is looking for a bone marrow donor. Find the link at the end of this review. I love to watch these guys on stage, such characters. There outfits are really something to behold, sadly though the lighting was kind of dull and didn't really show off what they wore. Just a little brighter and it would have been amazing to see. I did miss a lot of their older songs, but the fans, absolutely loved every single minute of their set. Look around the room, when they sprayed, people slammed up front to get hit. Moshing occurred endlessly. I did enjoy the set. Just a few little tweaks and it would have been perfect.

Someone explain to me, why you pay to go to a show, and then throw your glass and ice at the band (that YOU came to see), good thing Commodore has plastic cups. Gwar should have shot those glasses out of the air.

Here is the link to help Bäl Säc.